Monday, September 27, 2010

News From Public Safety: Me, You and the School Bus

There is a saying, “The little things in life are the most important.” I remember as a child making a card for my mother and the emotional connection. Perhaps, you have experienced something as simple as a glimpse of sunshine peering through clouds on a gloomy day and watched how it brightens people’s faces with happiness.

Let’s discuss little children, who impact our lives in a big way. The school bus routes have again returned to full schedule on our Campus. In the Journal Era (Sept. 2, 2010 issue), the 2010-11 Road & Street Directory denoted bus routes on the Andrews campus. Route stops included The Crayon Box, Garland Apartments and Beechwood Apartments. The routes time varies and are approximate. The time frame for the pick-up and drop off time for these routes range from 7:10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

When the children are walking to and from bus stops and when children are riding in the bus, we are reminded to be extra careful.

A school bus has lights (red and yellow) mounted in the front and the rear of the bus. When the bus has activated red lights, a motorist is required to stop. When you observe the yellow lights activated, this means the bus is ready to turn the red lights on and you may need to stop. A safety measure for motorist is to be attentive and to be prepared: Presume when you see a school bus that there are children around.

There are consequences for not stopping for a school bus with its flashing red lights active and/or the bus stop arm is extended. The school bus driver will file a report for the processing of a citation.
Safety measures for children also include being attentive when walking to and from the school bus. Children should also be advised to not listen to electronic devices, or call/text on the phone. They need to be prepared as pedestrians to react to what is around them. Children’s clothing also matters. For example, if they have a hooded shirt, and the hood is on, can it impact their line of vision? Lastly please caution your children to always use the crosswalk.

You will also see other school buses on our campus either for events or for the drop off and pick up of community students of the Berrien County Math & Science Center. Further information on school bus safety can be found on the internet at:

Additionally, we have State of Michigan booklets available at the Office of Campus Safety, “ What Every Driver Must Know.” Feel free to stop by our office for the booklet or if you have any questions (4355 International Ct/269.471.3321). This booklet is also available on line at:,1607,7-127-1642-103522--,00.html.

The safety and security of our campus and our children involves everyone’s participation.
Thank You.

Operational Lieutenant Rojelio Castillo
Andrews University Office of Public Safety



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