Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One of the many Rules of the Road: Michigan Vehicle Registration and Insurance

It may seem like there are so many traffic laws and rules of the road: traffic signs, traffic signals, questions on whether vehicles can or cannot have tinted windows, driving speeds, use of seatbelts and child safety equipment, and the list goes on and on. There is an excellent online resource to find the most frequently asked questions and even offers an opportunity to ask additional questions related to traffic safety. Just visit Michigan.gov.

Is it really necessary to have a vehicle title or maintain registration and insurance on a vehicle? Vehicles are required to be titled, registered, insured and have a valid license plate on display in order to operate on Michigan roadways. The title is a legal document that proves property ownership. In Michigan, this title includes a motor vehicle and other motor property.  

All motor vehicles and trailers used on Michigan roads must be registered and must display valid license plates. The registration will display the plate number and what vehicle that plate is registered to.  

Michigan requires insurance coverage that includes bodily injury/property damage (BI/PD), personal injury protection (PIP) and property protection insurance (PPI). This required coverage is limited.  If you want your insurance company to cover damage to your vehicle or theft, you may choose to carry collision coverage (damage) and comprehensive coverage (theft). You will need to consult with your insurance company to determine the best insurance coverage for your vehicle. 

Your proof of registration and a proof of your Michigan no-fault insurance certificate should be in your vehicle or you should carry it with you when you drive. If you cannot show proof of insurance to a law enforcement officer, the court may order the Secretary of State to suspend your driver license. If you cannot show proof of registration, this could also result in a citation. Keep the title to your vehicle in a secure location and not in your vehicle. 

New Michigan residents must immediately title and register their vehicles at a Secretary of State office and turn in the title from their previous home state. You are considered a Michigan resident if you have a permanent home or employment in Michigan with the intention of remaining in the state.

You are welcome to visit any Secretary of State Office or the Office of Campus Safety for a copy of the booklet, “What Every Driver Must Know.”  The information booklet is also online.

Further information can be also be obtained at michigan.gov/sos.

Safe motoring and our campus safety and security depend on everyone’s participation.

-Rojelio Castillo, Operations Supervisor
Office of Public Safety
Andrews University



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