Sunday, April 17, 2011

Residence Hall Safety Information

The cold weather will soon be leaving us and I am certain you will want to spend even more time outside of your room. The following are a few basic crime prevention tips which could aid in the reduction of risk to yourself, your property and others.

  • When you enter your residence hall, your apartment or the building area, please respect access code rules. Do not let unauthorized people (strangers) into controlled areas.
  • Ensure you lock your door and windows when you leave your room—even if you are only going down the hall to visit a friend or to the front desk to check on any messages/mail. Once you are in your secured room, make sure you know who the person is before you open your door.
  • Whether inside or outside your building or room, know how you will respond to a fire, tornado or lockdown drill. If you are uncertain on what to do, please ask your dean.
  • Report all suspicious persons and activities to the resident aide or dean on duty. Please do so immediately and if they are not available, contact the Office of Campus Safety at 269-471-3321 or you can contact the Office of Campus Safety anonymously at
  • If there is an emergency call 911.
  • Be watchful of your surroundings, be alert to a setting that seems out of place or something which appears odd–it is ok to be inquisitive. 

The safety and security of our campus depends on everyone’s participation!

Rojelio Castillo, Operations Supervisor 
Office of Campus Safety



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