Thursday, July 14, 2011

Graduate Admissions Gets a New Name

Berrien Springs, Mich.—Along with a new physical location, the former Office of Graduate Admissions now has a new name: the Office of Graduate Enrollment Management. In addition, they are taking steps to streamline processes while going “green.”

            The Office of Graduate Enrollment Management is responsible for recruiting and assisting students with applying, admitting and enrolling into graduate programs. “This name change better reflects our integrated approach,” says Christon Arthur, dean of the School of Graduate Studies & Research.

            To make room for Griggs University employees, several offices in the Administration Building were either reconfigured or relocated, including Graduate Enrollment Management. Their new office suites are located on the third floor of the Administration Building.  The staff in Graduate Enrollment Management include: Carolyn Hurst, director of graduate admissions; Eileen Lesher, international transcript articulation specialist; Angelica Munoz, assistant director of graduate admissions; Lizzy Salazar, graduate enrollment coordinator; Muriel Mercaral, international transcript associate; Richard Sylvester, graduate admissions clerk; and Monica Wringer, graduate admissions coordinator.

            Arthur says, “We are also working with great alacrity to fully automate the admissions process.” The first step was to move graduate application processes fully online—including online recommendations. After August 1, 2011, Graduate Enrollment Management will no longer accept paper applications except for the DMin and MAPMIN.

            The online application fee is more affordable than the paper application fee, resulting in savings for prospective students, plus it reduces paper waste, which is good for the environment. The information provided in an online application will be more legible, minimizing the opportunity for mistakes to occur.  “There are many times when we cannot effectively communicate with students because we cannot decipher their handwritten email addresses and other information,” says Arthur.

            Incomplete applications will also become a thing of the past. Applicants can start the online application, then save it to finish later if needed. Once completed, the online application will detect if there is missing information and will not submit until all required information is included. “There are times when applicants expect an admission decision but we cannot process their application because it is incomplete,” says Arthur.



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