Thursday, August 1, 2013

Looking for Female Roommate - School Year

I have a great appartment furnished at Park Manor Apartments—the best appartment they have actually. It is renovated with newly laminated floors, brand new carpets in both bedrooms, and a renovated kitchen with a dishwasher, microwave and everything else you could need (see photos below). 

Rent is $570 a month + electricity ($285 per person + half price of electric). Internet is free:)

My current roommate is leaving when school starts. So I need to find a roommate for the remainder of the school year.

What I am looking for in a roommate:

Female. Very clean (puts things back once done being used/doesn't leave dirty dishes overnight or a mess out in the living room, common sense stuff. Personally, it doesn't matter to me how messy their room is though, just don't bring it out into the living space.).

Responsible (able to pay rent/bills on time, etc.).

Respectful (doesn't bring a loud crowd of people over at like midnights on school nights and can control their attitude under typical school stress, etc.).

Friendly (I would love to be friends with my roommate and be able to talk and chat in the same room without it being awkward, so someone easy to get along with and who also wants a good relationship back).

And would LOVE IT if my roommate enjoyed the heat like me and doesn't want to freeze to death this winter!!  (Someone willing to pay a few more bucks with me to keep the temperature at least a comfortable 70 degrees when we are in the apartment, and probably 65 when we are out so that we don't need to be huddling under 10lb of blanket anytime we are there).

Please feel free to call me if you think you match this description and are interested or have questions!


God bless!

-Nina Marie



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