Thursday, September 26, 2013

One project in Spanish

The first the One project in Spanish will be at Andrews University this
November from 8-10, 2013. The mission of the One project is to
celebretae the supremacy of Jesus Christ in the Seventh Day Adventist
Church, and it is open to all who desire more of Jesus.

The One project has already been held with great success at places such
as Chicago, England, Denmark, and Australia .The  event at AU is going
to be the very first one in Spanish only, with no translation or


Full time students get a discount until Nov 5 (see registration rates
here: and there is also a
scholarship available from the Lake Union for the first 70 who claim it
(they need to be from the Union's district)

Register here:


Calendario de Actividades
6:00 PM Inscripción
8:00 PM Adoración
8:15 PM The One Project, el porqué Japhet De Oliveira
8:35 PM Meditación: Jesús en nuestra iglesia Manny Arteaga
9:50 PM Cierre

8:00 AM Desayuno
9:00 AM Adoración
9:15 AM Meditación: Jesús en nuestra identidad Alex Bryan
10:25 AM Refrigerio
10:55 AM Meditación: Jesús en nuestra misión José Cortés Jr.
12:08 PM Almuerzo
2:00 PM Adoración
2:15 PM Meditación: Jesús en nuestro liderazgo Pedro M Trindad
3:25 PM Refrigerio
3:45 PM Meditación: Jesús en nuestra experiencia  Yami Bazán
5:10 PM Cierre

8:00 AM Desayuno
9:00 PM Adoración
9:15 PM Meditación: Jesús en nuestra teología Miguel Méndez
10:25 PM Meditación: Jesús en nuestra cultura José Medina
11:35 AM Refrigerio
12:05 PM Jesús. Todo. Dany Hernández
12:25 PM Santa Cena Javi Díaz y Harold Altmirano
12:55 PM Cierre


Please visit for more
information about this and other gatherings, as well as for media from
previous ones, and/or contact Beatriz Velásquez at or call 269-471-6251.

Contact Beatriz Velasquez for more information at



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