Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Berrien Springs Camera Club April Meeting

                                                        Berrien Springs Camera Club

The Berrien Springs Camera Club will meet on Wednesday, Apr. 2, at 7 p.m. in its usual venue, the Berrien Springs Public Library at Cass (Old 31) and Union.         

This month’s program consists of a competition of prints and digital images submitted by members. The selected topics for the month include:

  1. Things in the Sky and
  2. Vents/Grates/Manhole Covers. 

Three additional categories are appropriate for all of our competitions:

  1.  Nature (nothing domesticated, nothing of a human origin),
  2.  Portraits, and
  3.  Open (any other subject).    

The second select category will certainly challenge the creativity of members. How many people sally forth to take beautiful photos of manhole covers? But sometimes a topic is chosen precisely to challenge creativity. It may be surprising to see what some members submit. And those who can’t warm up to that subject can always opt for Things in the Sky. This is their chance to show that unique cloud formation, balloons, airplanes, skyscrapers, treetops, fireworks, or almost anything else they can think of shooting against the sky.       

Prints, at least 5" x 7" in size, should be mounted, with the title and photographer's name on the back. Instructions for submitting images in digital form are available on the club’s blog: http://photoclub.berrienspringsmi.us/http://berrienspringscameraclub.blogspot.com/        

All are welcome, either to observe or to join. Anyone who wishes to join may submit photos to the competition, up to 10 projected images and/or 10 prints. Refreshments will be served.


Contact Madeline Johnston for more information by calling 269-471-1109.



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