Monday, April 28, 2014

Beyond Beliefs Study

Have you ever wondered what young adults (age 18-32) really think of the 28 Fundamentals of Adventism? 

The Andrews University Religion Department, in collaboration with the North American Division and, undertook a comprehensive and data rich study over the past three semesters where close to 700 young adults from all over the world expressed their attitudes towards every single one of the 28 beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  It also explored a range of sociocultural, spiritual, and life experiential issues with this participant group.

The findings of the first stage of the study are now available in hardcopy and Kindle versions at your local ABC – Christian Book Center in Berrien Springs or online globally from

This is a book that no church leader, parent, minister, teacher, youth worker, or even young adults themselves should be without. 

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About the Study:  We set out to discover what Millennial young adults really think of every single one of the 28 Fundamentals of Adventism, what they liked and disliked, and what aspects resonated most with them.  We also identified areas where the church is succeeding with regard to the 28 Fundamentals and areas where there is room for improvement.   The study placed a strong emphasis on giving a real voice to Millennial young adults aged 18-32.  The inference and suggestions from this research were often the direct responses of the Millennial young adults themselves.  Some findings include:

  • Young adults did not really know the 28 Beliefs of Adventism, even though the majority of those in the study were baptized.
  • Young adults generally liked the beliefs, especially those that provided them some personal benefit.  For example, the Sabbath was the most popular belief as it provided a guilt free day off from work, study, and chores.  Jesus was also the most popular member of the Trinity because young adults stated he was the one who actually saves humans from their sins and provides a real world example for how to live.
  • Preaching or lecturing to young adults when they are a passive audience, even in specialist youth meetings by youth “experts” has little efficacy in teaching them the 28 Beliefs.  However, when young adults are provided the opportunity to actively articulate and internalize the belief for themselves and express their views about it in discussions, their retention and appreciation of the beliefs is substantially higher.
  • Early baptism was something that many young adults felt pushed into and 2/3 of those who were baptized before age 14 stated that if they could do it again, they would have waited until they were older to be baptized.

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