Thursday, June 26, 2014

Week In Pictures

Doctoral Defense: Charity Garcia

Doctoral Defense, Wednesday, July 2, 2014, from 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. in Board Room, Room #307, in the Administrative Building. Charity H. Garcia will defend her dissertation in partial fulfillment for the PhD degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Charity H. Garcia’s dissertation title is, “Toward Christian-Identity Response Theory: Exploring Identity, Spirituality, and Response to Adversity among African American Males Placed At-risk.” Those wishing to attend must make their request through Anna Piskozub,by calling 471-3109.

Pathfinder Leadership seminars

 Summer seminars offered at PMC

Master Guide - Youth Chapel
Leadership  June 28, 5:15 - 7:15pm
    Communications July 5, 5 - 7 pm
    Resources July 12, 5-7 pm
    Child & Youth Evangelism July 19, 5-7pm
    Christian Storytelling & Fundamental Beliefs July 26, 5-7pm

PLA  July 13, Camping, 8:30 - 11am

PIA July 5,  Using Your Influence 2:30 - 3:45pm
      Preparing Your Presentation 4:00 - 5:15pm

Doctoral Defense: Denise Shaver

Dissertation Defense, Wednesday, July 2, 2014 from 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. in Board Room, Room #307, in the Administrative Building. Denise J. Shaver will defend her dissertation in partial fulfillment for the PhD degree in Curriculum & Instruction. Denise J. Shaver’s dissertation title is, “The Impact of Accreditation on the Teacher Education Curriculums at Two Historically Black Colleges from 1920-1940.” Those wishing to attend must make their request through Anna Piskozub,by calling 471-3109.

Andrews University Hires Long-Term Gymnics Coach

Eric Paddock, 2013–14 interim Gymnics coach, has been hired permanently into the position as Gymnics coach at Andrews University. Paddock holds an associate’s degree in pre-physical therapy, and a bachelor’s degree in sport studies with a concentration in human performance from Southern Adventist University (Collegedale, Tennessee).

Paddock began coaching the Gymnics, a 30-member sports acrobatics group, in September 2013, following previous coach Christian Lighthall’s departure. Paddock came to the position with background in leadership, coaching and teambuilding, having served as boys’ director at two youth summer camps and as a coach at the Gym-Kids Gymnastics Program in Collegedale.

“Eric did very well in his first year,” says Emmanuel Rudatsikira, dean of the School of Health Professions. “He brought the Gymnics together very quickly. The team members appreciate the fact that he uses a systematic approach to tryouts, and he has had a number of successes such as tour shows that have received high marks and successful routine performances at Acrofest. I am confident that Eric will continue to bring the Gymnics to a higher level of excellence.”

“It is a great honor to be able to continue here at Andrews University,” Paddock says. “The year behind us was a success in my eyes, and the year ahead of us is looking great. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us from here on out.” 

Second Annual Andrews Research Conference

By Melodie Roschman

Andrews University announces its second annual Andrews Research Conference (ARC), to be held May 13–17, 2015, in Buller Hall on the University’s Berrien Springs campus. The focus of the conference next year will be early career research in social sciences.

The event is open to current graduate students or professors within ten years of receiving their PhDs. Researchers must work in the fields of social work, psychology, communication, community & international development, or anthropology. Sponsored by the North American Division and General Conference of Adventists as well as Andrews, this is a minor conference as part of the biannual Adventist Human-Subjects Research Association Conference.

The conference’s purpose, explains Gary Burdick, associate dean for research, is to “network Adventist researchers across North America, building relationships and partnerships that will enhance the professional careers of the participants while providing a place for them to share their research in the context of faith.”

The Office of Research & Creative Scholarship, which organizes ARC, notes that while some Andrews faculty will be involved in the event, most presentations will be by researchers outside of Andrews. They are especially looking for Adventist graduate students outside of Adventist universities, and encourage international students to send representatives. Abstracts are due at the beginning of 2015; an exact deadline will be announced later in 2014. For more details and updates about the conference, visit their webpage at

The first Andrews Research Conference (ARC) was held from May 7–11, 2014, focusing on early career researchers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math). The conference featured a mixture of academic presentations and social activities, with six presentation sessions spread over two days, as well as a message from Paul Brantley, NAD vice president, hiking, canoeing and volleyball, and a private viewing at the Andrews University Observatory. 

Student Gardens Featured in NAD News

On June 9, 2014, the Mobile Farm Market, provided by the Andrews University Student Gardens, opened for business for the first time, selling fresh produce in Benton Harbor for six hours.

The farmer’s market on wheels is a program sponsored by the Andrews University Student Gardens and partially funded by a Michigan State grant as part of the Be Healthy Berrien initiative. In partnership with the Berrien County Health Department and Planning Commission, the YMCA, Lakeland Healthcare, the cities of Buchanan, Niles and Stevensville, and United Way, the Gardens will be helping host a mobile farm market at strategic locations within the county in an effort to bring affordable healthy food to the community.

<<< Read the full story >>>


Niles SDA Church VBS

Vacation Bible School: Join us at Niles Westside Adventist Church (1105 Grant St, Niles) from 9-11:45 a.m. the week of July 14-18 as we have fun learning about "Weird Animals - Where Jesus' Love is One of a Kind!" For children ages 4 - 12 (6th grade). Please pre-register early at Questions? Contact the church at or 269-683-5998.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dean's List Spring 2014

Date: June 25, 2014

Andrews University has announced the names of undergraduate students appearing on the dean's list for spring semester 2014. The following students have achieved a semester GPA of 3.5 or above with at least 12 credits, no incompletes and no grade below a B. There are 574 students on this list.

Aakre, Jayson P.
Abbott, Hannah E.
Abraham, Kristen J.
Abreu, Charles M.
Ahn, Joshua K.
Aka, Mariko D.
Alexander, Criston A.
Allen, Daniel G.
Allen, Rodney C.
Alvarez, Ada L.
Amaro, Amanda
Andersen, Sten D.
Anderson, Chelesia J.
Angellakis, Alexander A.
Anobile, Aurianna D.
Anthony, Rachel L.
Antonov, Alexandr
Anzures, Michelle C.
Arkusinski, Abigail A.
Ashton, Benjamen D.
Ataides, Kettlen Cristh P.
Atkins, Christiana D.
Babb, Zackery T.
Baek, Seongkyeong
Baez, Luz V.
Bailey, Kaydra A.
Bailey, Tiffany A.
Baker, Jeffrey P.
Baldwin, Bryan J.
Bankes, Emily-Jean E.
Baptist, Brandon M.
Baptist, Kaitlin E.
Bardan, Christian
Barnum, Alexandra I.
Barrett, Brendan C.
Barrett, Cynthia E.
Bartram, Taylor P.
Bastos, Linda
Battle, Alicia L.
Bauer, Khelsea V.
Bauer, Kylynda C.
Beisiegel, Amy S.
Benavides, Rafael A.
Benjelloun, Amir
Berger, Rocio
Bishop, Kristen M.
Bissereth, D'nedgyne
Bjelica, Aiyana C.
Blackmer, Alyssa L.
Blackwood, Merlique A.
Blahovich, Christina L.
Bonilla, Cindy I.
Borabon, Rhonalin Evy R.
Borges, Nathalie
Bornman, Madeline R.
Bosco, Alaryss M.
Bovee, Ryan Y.
Bradfield, Erica L.
Bradfield, Lyndon N.
Brassington, Connor L.
Breetzke, Ashley N.
Bresnahan, Melissa K.
Brown, Andrew J.
Brown, Anna C.
Brown, Donna M.
Brown, Kenreah L.
Browne, Charles A.
Buchholz, Adam E.
Bugbee, Anna L.
Burrill, Kristi L.
Butlin, James G.
Byun, Andrew
Caceres, Nestor M.
Caceres, Paola S.
Cadette, Philadelphia R.
Cady, David C.
Cady, Ilana J.
Calderon, Arleni M.
Calhoun, Jennifer L.
Calhoun, Stephanie L.
Cameron, Cecelia R.
Campbell, Seth T.
Carrington, Lisa J.
Carter, Pamela Y.
Cassell, Shane A.
Castang, Daniel A.
Castellanos, Lucero
Castillo, Anamaria
Catumbela, Edna E.
Chacko, Matthew W.
Chadwick, Marthita N.
Chang, Alexis J.
Chang, Samantha N.
Cheek, Katherine E.
Cheeseboro, Belinda D.
Chen, Siyu
Chen, Yiqi
Chi, Hannah J.
Chirachevin, Purin
Chlevin, Cassandra N.
Cho, Brandon S.
Cho, Eun Byeol
Cho, Hyein
Choi, Benjamin Y.
Choi, Hannah D.
Choi, Hannah J.
Choi, Ji Min
Choi, Kenneth D.
Choi, Michael
Chong, Aram
Chun, Noah Y.
Clark, Bre'Anna S.
Clark, Richard A.
Coleman, Ayanna C.
Coleman, Casey A.
Coleman-Prouty, Elaine M.
Colomb, Ashley M.
Comeau, Ryan R.
Cook, Gabrielle E.
Cooper, Bradley A.
Corion, Tanika L.
Costa, Adislen
Covrig, Colette L.
Croughan, Brenden C.
Cruttenden, Rebecca L.
Dalgleish, Hannah M.
Davidovas, Steven N.
Davis, Donovan J.
Davis, Jodeon Y.
Davisson, Richard A.
Defensor, Renon A.
Dehm, Kayla J.
Delgado, Adriana P.
Delgado, Carla D.
Desrosiers, Reginald J.
Destine, Tarah K.
DeWind, Katie L.
Dieck, Megan E.
Dietrich, Kevin H.
Dillard, Kiara L.
Distan, Erikah A.
Diya, Ralph T.
Diya, Rolane Tweenie T.
Dominguez, Saul
Dooks, Alicia M.
Dooks, Megan N.
Doram, Jonathan E.
Duah, Martha M.
Dunn, Christina N.
Dunn, Tatianna J.
Durandis, Perla
Duvra, Daniela M.
Easton, Samantha J.
Ellis, Whitney N.
Emanuel, Jamie E.
Ezeribe, Hazel O.
Faletogo, Ieti
Fatal, Melissa
Fennig, Kalyn C.
Fernand, Avielle
Filkoski, Jennifer L.
Flores, Josias A.
Fogel, Abraham L.
Francis, Ludanne G.
Frazier, Kerry E.
Frey, Delia S.
Froemming, Krista L.
Fuhrman, Gregory J.
Fuller, Rebecca A.
Gaines, Zipporah R.
Garcia, Miguel A.
Gehring, Nicholas R.
Gensolin, Rachelle J.
Gilbert, Cassandra S.
Gillen, Erica S.
Gillespie, Calin C.
Gomez, Daniel M.
Gonzalez, Amante J.
Greene, Bonnie L.
Grellmann, Shelly M.
Grube, Austin M.
Gruesbeck, Michael L.
Guo, Jia
Haankwenda, Shaun M.
Halbritter, Kathryn R.
Hall, Dakota J.
Hall, L'Mar A.
Harmon, Ronald A.
Hart, Kelsey T.
Harvey, Courtney-Lynn
Haskins, Dwagne J.
Hazen, Harper J.
Hendrickson, Kyrsten J.
Henry, Irma
Hernandez, Michael E.
Hess, Michael L.
Hickman, Joseph D.
Hilton, Nathon L.
Hinds, Givan A.
Hodges, Alexander W.
Hodges, Cooper B.
Holdipp, Stefan E.
Holzschuher, Jordan A.
Hong, Andrew J.
Hong, Sung Ho
Horn, Joshua G.
Hotz, Natalie R.
Hu, Yuan Chang B.
Huh, Austin S.
Hunt, Renee A.
Hwang, Irene S.
Hwang, Yeseul
Iller, Eliana C.
Im, Justin H.
Imperio, Michelle E.
Ito, Keiko A.
Jaeger, Jonathan B.
James, Alanna E.
Jamieson, Sarah R.
Jardine, Kalissa H.
Jarvis, Ryan David T.
Jencks, Adam S.
Jenkins, Christopher M.
Jeon, Won Jin
Jewett, Robert C.
Jiang, Kun
Jin, Soo Y.
Joseph, Jenise S.
Joslin, Jeffrey M.
Jung, Nathaniel H.
Kang, Luke C.
Kang, Yoona
Kapusi, Thomas
Kelchner, Amber M.
Kerbs, Julia E.
Kessler, Jeanmark D.
Kim, Anna
Kim, Bomi
Kim, Christopher J.
Kim, Chu Hyun
Kim, Elizabeth J.
Kim, Hong Min
Kim, Hwakyeong
Kim, Ivan S.
Kim, Jamie M.
Kim, Ji hee
Kim, Joy S.
Kim, Justin Y.
Kim, Na Hyoung
Kim, Shanelle E.
Kim, Si In
King, Olivia C.
King, Travis M.
Kingman, John E.
Kip, Nathalie C.
Kivumbi, Molly N.
Knight, Kayla C.
Kolpacoff, Viktoria L.
Koltuk, Inna F.
Korenichenko, Aleksey V.
Kotanko, Le'von A.
Kozyarevskaya, Kristina A.
Krause, Andrew
Krzywon, Lucyna H.
Krzywon, Lukasz J.
Kutzner, Andrew R.
Kwon, Anna Y.
Kyi, Priscilla
LaFave, Adam D.
Laird, Kimberly D.
Lam, Jessenia W.
Lambeth, Emily J.
LaPointe, Jillian A.
Lassonnier, Nina N.
Lavalas, Jewell D.
LaVanture, John D.
Lawrence, Keri E.
Leavitt, Bethany E.
Lebo, Jon L.
Lee, Charles J.
Lee, Christopher S.
Lee, Erin A.
Lee, Jee Yeon
Lee, Jeong Bin
Lee, Ji Yeon
Lee, Jonathan
Lee, Joseph Y.
Lee, Lynda
Lee, Melissa
Lee, Nathaniel J.
Lee, Seong Min D.
Leung, Wan Hay
Lindstrom, Nathan R.
Little, Matthew D.
Lofthouse, Hayley J.
Logan, Julie M.
Logan, Kari M.
Logan, Ryan Z.
Lowe, Lauren E.
Lozano Sanchez, Carlos R.
Mackintosh, Tia C.
Magbanua, Anthony D.
Magsipoc, Adrianne R.
Maravilla, Cynthia M.
Mariquit, Chelsea F.
Markham, Cheri L.
Marshall, Karel L.
Marston, Adrian R.
Masterova, Angelina S.
Mbungu, Hannah M.
McAllister, Jevoni W.
McAuliffe, Emily M.
McCall, Holly E.
McDonald, Danielle T.
McDonald, Kimberlyn E.
McDonald, Robert C.
McDonald, Shenika K.
McGill, Daniel R.
McGill, Kristopher J.
McGuire, Tim S.
Mcintosh, Rroya-rae M.
McLarty, Mindy J.
Mejia, Dassia G.
Mendizabal, Larry B.
Menhardt, Brock M.
Mercado, Nicole
Messinger, Jared S.
Mikkelson, Erika M.
Milam, Sidney N.
Miller, Angelica J.
Miller, Christin M.
Mitacek, Kristiana N.
Moepeng, Lerato
Moise-Decembre, Tamara
Momohara, Michael M.
Moncrieff, Andre E.
Mondak, Adam M.
Mondak, Jordan D.
Monroe, Jannel A.
Montalvo, Aaron E.
Montoya, Cesar R.
Moon, Alison R.
Moon, Robert D.
Moon, Sunhye
Moore, Amanda M.
Moore, Dori B.
Mora, Diana K.
Morford, Alyssa D.
Morris, Serena T.
Moses, Joanna A.
Mthiyane, Wandile F.
Mulzac, Karla E.
Mumu, Teddy M.
Murnighan, Russell C.
Murray, Kathy-Ann D.
Musgrove, Erin
Musvosvi, Rufaro C.
Mwangi, Fonda W.
Mwinga, Lukonde S.
Mwinga, Nhimba M.
Nam, Ansel H.
Nazareno, Erick
Ncube, Cebolenkosi R.
Ndlovu, Kimberly C.
Nelson, Bailey T.
Nelson, Brian R.
Nelson, Robert-Ray C.
Neufville, Candace J.
Ng, Kimberlyn C.
Ngugi, Joses N.
Nieman, Stephanie
Niere, Derek Adam G.
Niere, Nicole G.
Nommik, Aldar
Nshuti, Marius H.
Nyirashishi, Leah
Odong, Maranata A.
Ogoti, Purity K.
Olakowski, Emily A.
Oliveira, Daniella E.
Oliveira, Jeffrey R.
Omane, Kofi A.
Orozco, Daniella S.
Ortiz, Caleb
Ortiz, David E.
Osborne, Joseph K.
Owino, Jimmy O.
Pacamalan, Alexa N.
Pak, Alysha J.
Paquette, Joel J.
Paris, Kristina L.
Parker, Kayla M.
Pasos, Gabriella A.
Paul, Rassaïda M.
Pearson, Bryan D.
Peart, Daniel S.
Penaredondo, Gian L.
Penny, Veronica S.
Penrod, Jonathan J.
Penrod, Luke A.
Pepper, Katrina R.
Perez Barreto, Mara D.
Perkins, Emily A.
Permaul, Natalie R.
Pierre, Naude C.
Pierre, Neehall B.
Pierre, Rose
Plantak, Mihael
Polski, Robert M.
Powers, Brian S.
Rambo, Nina Marie
Ramos, Gercelino D.
Randolph, Zachary A.
Ravell, Eloise M.
Ray, Rebekah S.
Raynor, Carl D.
Recinos, Stefany L.
Reddig, Heidi A.
Reed, Megan P.
Regal, David P.
Reichert, Ashley A.
Reichert, Zachary M.
Reid, Nichole S.
Rengifo, Brenda L.
Resilien, Samuel
Resler, Jacob B.
Rieger, Cody A.
Rikin, Patricia F.
Ringer, Mark B.
Rivers, Robert J.
Roberts, Chenelle K.
Robley-Spencer, Melaine J.
Roderick, Andrew S.
Rodriguez, Jatniel A.
Roe, Sara M.
Rojas Marrugo, Cesar E.
Rollins, Paris D.
Romero, Kayla N.
Ronjak, Daniel M.
Roschman, Melodie A.
Roselio, Dawn C.
Ross, Danielle A.
Rosu, Carmella
Roy, Nolan
Rubin de Celis, Angela
Ruhupatty, Melisa A.
Ruiz, Jason S.
Rurangirwa, Melody N.
Ryoo, Seunghyun
Ryu, Hyeri
Sabin, Erick A.
Samos, Adrienne I.
Sarno, Kelcey M.
Saucedo, Frank J.
Savage, Kristine M.
Schell, Elisabeth
Schwarz, Shawn G.
Scott, Ciara J.
Scott, Emily A.
Scott, Myrtie R.
Seats, Celeena M.
Seo, Ye Lim
Sharley, Jonathan
Sherman, Elisabeth L.
Shin, Dong-Hee
Shin, Eui Young
Shockey, Brian D.
Shockey, Jason R.
Shon, Bonnie So
Shou, Aaron T.
Shultz, Jacina R.
Simpson, Andrew J.
Sittlinger, Cady N.
Sjoren, Gunnar Leighton J.
Smith, Jalisa R.
Smith, Jourdain A.
Smith, Kourtney R.
Smith, Renee A.
Sokolies, Katerina N.
Soto, Karen P.
Spieth, Christa A.
Spoon, Amber R.
Stafford, Isabel S.
Stahl, Joshua L.
Starkey, Mary K.
Starr, Meredith P.
Stelfox, Sarah M.
Stern, Brittany J.
Stewart, Andrew R.
Stout, Elisabeth E.
Suinda, Stephan J.
Sung, Kyung je
Sutton, Lindsay M.
Swann, Dana A.
Taujale, Susmita
Tenorio, Emma-Skye
Thaw, Kevvin M.
Thiele, Satoshi K.
Thomas, David N.
Thomas, Jeremy N.
Thomas, Katelyn R.
Thornhill, Rosanne N.
Tiffany, Jeremiah G.
Torres-Colon, Roxanna N.
Tremols-Castillo, Meylin Y.
Trevilato, Giancarlo C.
Trine, Allison D.
Tritch, William T.
Tsui, Chun Lam
Turenne, Thorine M.
Turner, Amber P.
Turner, Tiffany T.
Tutupoly, Daniel M.
Tyson, Ashley L.
Ulangca, Randall S.
Ulangca, Richard A.
Ulery, Richelle L.
Urbina, Bryan E.
Uzuegbu, Krystal C.
Vallado, Nina
Vargas, Jaime J.
Vedoya, Kristina M.
Verrill, Nathan A.
Von Henner, Stefan C.
Vu, Huong T.
Wackerle, Katherina S.
Wahlen, Michael A.
Walayat, Andrew J.
Walker, Mindy R.
Wallace, Kristen E.
Wasylyshen, Karen V.
Watson, Justin S.
Watson, Way Anne B.
Wedderburn, Chrystal E.
Weir, Sumiko K.
Wells, William F.
Whiting, Andrew B.
Whitlow, Amanda M.
Wilkerson, Holly R.
Williams, Tanner J.
Williams, Vanessa Y.
Willmott, Ashok N.
Wilson, Kevin S.
Wineland, Serena B.
Winnard, Thomas J.
Wixwat, Maria E.
Wolfer, Jonathon D.
Wong, Ngai
Wong, Wai Shan A.
Woo, Hwuk Chan
Wood, Holly A.
Wykes, Kimberly G.
Xu, Zihui
Yadata, Abel B.
Yang, Da Eun
Yendell, Samantha G.
Yoo, Yeo Jin
Yoon, Bitna
Yoon, Jessica E.
Yoon, Joyce M.
Yoon, Taemin
You, Eui Bin
Young, Andrew J.
Young, Juliette M.
Young, Kaitlin N.
Younker, Sarah E.
Yu, So-yeun
Zdor, John S.
Zehm, Cherri J.
Zehm, Elizabeth J.
Zhu, Hongqing
Zimmerman, Dillon C.
Zimmerman, Trevor R.
Zirkle, Thomas A.


David Steen's Mother Passed Away

By David Steen

My dear mother.
Frances Elizabeth Fuller Steen
December 16, 1919 - June 21, 2014
Brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be uninformed about those who sleep in death, so that you do not grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope. 1 Thessalonians 4:13

We now have yet another reason to look forward to that bright morning. Even so come Lord Jesus.

He then posted the following yesterday, Sunday:
Is there a good way to die?

My dear mother died yesterday. She lived for 94 and a half years. And on thinking about how she died, I can't imagine a better way to die. It was an answer to prayer really. Because for a long time, I have been praying to God, asking Him to transition my aging parents from this life to their long sleep in a gentle and dignified way as only He can. God is so good because mother's death was gentle and dignified.

So here is what happened - with some background.

For the last decade or two my folks opted to continue living in their Holly Hill home. It is the home place that they designed and built in 1962. It is where we have all called home since returning from many years of mission service in Ethiopia. It is where they have been very comfortable. But as dad lost his vision and then his mobility, and as mom lost her ability to drive, and with the Pisgah Villa and retirement facility next door, they were often tempted to sell this home place and move so they would have much less to manage in their old age. But indecision always becomes a decision and year after year they stayed here.

They simply could not have managed here on Holly Hill had it not been for Philip, my youngest brother, Geoff, and many others.

Philip lives in neighboring Madison county. Four years ago, he quit his log cabin building/cabinet making/blacksmithing jobs and focused his attention on care giving. He read and studied, asked questions, and with much learning from trial and error, he has lovingly cared for mother and daddy. For him, the day to day caring involved commuting an hour every day to fix their breakfast, keep up with their medications, getting them out for exercise and activities, grocery shopping, taking care of the home place, taking care of the ever present health care issues, cleaning up the ever present physiological accidents, preparing their evening meal and making sure that all was well before commuting back to care for his own place. Many were the times that he stayed overnight to make sure all was well.

Philip could not have done it alone. Grandson Geoff Steen also lives near Asheville. With his heart of gold, his caregiving skills, his culinary skills, and his great gifts for gentle service, Geoff has been a huge blessing to my parents assisting Philip in the day to day care, giving Philip much needed weekly respite. And Geoff's father, my younger brother James, an ER doc in Boston was frequently consulted when there were medical issues. His knowledge and expertise helped keep mother and daddy both healthy. So many have stepped in to help so that they could stay here at home during their old age. Friends, neighbors, all have helped and their demonstrations of love made the difference.

Mother was mobile to the end. Correction, she was highly mobile to the end. She was agile and always a fast walker. When Philip took them out for walks, mother was always far ahead and dad far behind moving slowly with his cane or walker, Philip hard pressed to keep them together. Mother did have down-times with her mobility. She did have periodic TIA-like episodes with loss of mobility, slurred speech, and drooping face and mental confusion. After extensive testing, neurologists called these episodes migraines rather than TIAs. Following every down time of these episodes, she would bounce back to her bright, energetic, social self again.

So it was that about two weeks ago mother had another episode. And to show that she was on the rebound, last Sabbath, after Philip put them to bed and left, the two old timers, like young kids got out of bed, dressed, and walked down their steep driveway to the neighbors to catch a ride to the church social where they had a grand time. Tuesday, Philip took them out to see the great grand kids in Madison county. Mother seemed to be bouncing back well. But Wednesday morning she didn't wake up. She continued sleeping, non-responsive, her pupils now fixed. This looked like the beginning of THE END. Hospice brought in a hospital bed which was placed in front of the picture window in her bed room. This is where mother loves to sit and view Mount Pisgah in the distance. But Wednesday she wasn't viewing. She was sleeping.

All day she slept. No change Thursday. The family started coming together on Friday. No change. No urine output. No response. Jim and Sandy flew in from Boston Friday afternoon, we drove down from MI arriving Friday evening, Claude and Donna cut short a counseling session in WV to drive in late Friday night. Lisa and Kevin arrived from Eastern Carolina Sabbath afternoon. Kind neighbors kept checking in and dropping off food.

Then at 4:45 Sabbath afternoon, God invited her to enter His gracious rest and she accepted. She just stopped breathing. No pain. No struggle. If this isn't a good way to die, I don't know what that would be. At home, with all your family around you, at peace, on a beautiful Sabbath afternoon, after 94.5 years of living an active life of humble service to others, like Jacob in Genesis 49:33, she simply gathered her feet into her bed and yielded up the ghost.

The girls dressed her in pretty clothes, fixed her hair and she looked so quiet and peaceful.

Is there a good way to die?

Thank you sweet Jesus. What a kind way to end this chapter. You are the best.


To comply with the oft-stated wishes of our parents, Claude and Elizabeth Steen, mother's body will be cremated now. Then, after dad follows her in death, we plan on having a public memorial service for the two of them together. They lived and served together as a team. They want to be remembered together.

Niles Westside June 28 Service

Niles Westside Adventist Church
1105 Grant St (at Fairview Ave)
Niles, MI

Sabbath School: 9:30 a.m.
Church Services: 8:30 & 11 a.m.

June 28: Pastor Darrel le Roux, Speaker

Village Church June 28 Worship Service

Village Church Worship Services, Sabbath, June 28, 2014
First Worship: 8:30 a.m.
Second Worship:  11:20 a.m.
Sermon Title - "High Priced Commodities"
Preacher -  Pastor Ron Kelly

Place - Village SDA Church
635 Sta Joseph Ave, Berrien Springs, MI 49103

Student Gardens on Local Radio

Garth Woodruff, assistant professor of horticulture and landscape design, was on a radio show earlier this week talking about the Student Gardens' new role within the county's Be Healthy Berrien initiative. This includes the Mobile Farm Market, funded by a grant through Berrien County and a partnership with Lakeland Healthcare, United Way, two local YMCAs, and the Berrien County Planning Commission. 

To listen to the 5-minute interview, click the link below. If clicking the link doesn't work, right click and download to your computer to listen.

Michiana Fil-Am June 28 Worship Service

The speaker this Sabbath at the Michiana Fil-Am Church will be pastor Roy Castelbuono. Sabbath School begins at 9:45 am and the worship service begins at 11:20 am.

The church is located at 8454 Kephart Lane in Berrien Springs.

Prayer meeting is Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Garage Sale

Multi-family garage sale -- washer, dryer, dishwasher, drafting table, exercise equipment, bicycles, joggette, vacuums, breadmaker, kitchen items, knick-knacks, clothes, shoes, purses, books, videos, Little Tikes toys and other misc. toys, old games and lots more. Come see what we have, it may just be what you need. We are at 9012 Midway Drive which is two blocks north of Kephart and Main. Just follow the signs. We will be open Thursday, June 26 through Sunday, June 29 from 9 to 5. Hope to see you there!!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Faculty Couple Publishes Book

Biblical counseling is a resource for Christians who need help locating the sin in their lives and cutting it out. Authors David and Beverly Sedlacek offer the truths they have learned through years of clinical practice in their comprehensive guide to “Cleansing the Sanctuary of the Heart.”

This book is a distillation of the biblical principles the Sedlaceks have used to heal others who have sought counseling for addictions, mental and emotional disorders, relationship problems and abuse.

<<< Read the full story >>>

Alumnus "Exudes Confidence"

Youssef Yomtoob has yet to meet a school district on which he can’t have a positive effect.

The new School City of East Chicago superintendent, affectionately nicknamed “Dr. Joe” by those who know him, told the crowd of parents, teachers and administrators that everyone “is in it together” and that there will be no “they and us” once he takes over the reins July 1. The School Board voted unanimously to offer Yomtoob a five-year contract at a special meeting Friday night, the terms of which will be discussed during a public hearing at the June 30 meeting.

Yomtoob, whose career spanned 50 years before he retired from Hawthorn School District in Vernon Hills, Illinois, said his philosophy stems from research at a district he was in during the 1970s that revealed all students, despite their racial or economic backgrounds, have the potential to succeed. He carried those principles everywhere he went and said he left each place a little better than he found it.

<<< Read the full story >>>

Eau Clair June 28 Church Service

Eau Claire SDA Church
6562 Naomi Road
Eau Claire, MI 49111

Sabbath Speaker: VBS Program
Sermon Title:  "The Life of Moses"

Church Service 10:50 am
Sabbath School  9:15 am

Gazebo Closed Saturday Nights

Dear Resident Hall Students, 

Due to the low number of customers who use the Gazebo on Sabbath evenings, they will now be closing for Sabbath supper.  However, they will be providing a small number of box suppers to each residence hall for those in need of a meal. These will be at no cost and will be given on a first-come first-serve basis.

If you are on a meal plan a box supper will be set aside for you until 7 PM tomorrow evening. If you choose to eat somewhere else and do not come to pick it up by that time, we will make it available to others who would like it.

Thank you for your understanding of this change. Feel free to speak with a dean if you have any questions or concerns.

David Iwasa
Director of University Towers
Director of Conventions and Guest Services
Andrews University
8400 W Campus Circle Drive
Berrien Springs, MI 49104
Office 269-471-3663
Fax 269-471-6659

Buchanan Art Center Exhibits

A public reception will be held on Sunday, July 13, 2014, from 2:00 - 4:00 pm at the Buchanan Art Center, and will feature three, new exhibits by local artists: Recapturing Joy; Mixed Media Paintings by Maureen Sylvia Lighthall in the Roti Roti Gallery; Imagination and Whimsy; monotypes and etchings by Anne Vandermolen in the Showplace Gallery, and Reflections of Time; Photography by Vasilisa (Lisa) Kiselevich. These exhibits open on Wednesday, July 9th, 2014 and run through Saturday, August 16th, 2014. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Student Life Office Closed Friday, June 27

The Student Life office will be closed Friday, June 27, due to custodial work. International Student Services staff will still be available on June 27, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., via their Campus Center lobby doors.

Normal Student Life office hours will resume Monday, June 30.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Doctoral Defense

Dissertation Defense, Tuesday, June 24, 2014 from 12:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. in Buller Hall, Room #149. Appiah Kwarteng will defend his dissertation in partial fulfillment for the PhD degree in Leadership. Appiah Kwarteng’s dissertation title is, "Perceptions of Seventh-day Adventist Church Elders in Ghana and the United States on Servant Leadership and Culture." Those wishing to attend must make their request through Anna Piskozub, by calling 471-3109.

Doctoral Defense

Doctoral Defense, Monday, June 23, 2014 from 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. in Buller Hall, Room #149, Samuel Adaboh will defend his dissertation in partial fulfillment for the PhD degree in Curriculum & Instruction. Samuel Adaboh’s dissertation title is, “An Evaluation of the Bachelor's Degree in Accounting Program in A Ghanaian Private University.” Those wishing to attend must make their request through Anna Piskozub, by calling 471-3109

Physics Alum Highlighted in Nature

Dewey Murdick (BS Physics 1999) made the news last month in the article “Text-mining offers clues to success” appearing in the May 2014 issue of Nature, an International Weekly Journal of Science of high repute.  The article highlighted one of the many projects Murdick manages for the U.S. Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) Foresight and Understanding with Scientific Exposition (FUSE) program.

“So far, it has performed more than 2 million analyses of past data to pick out key advances," says Murdick in reference to his innovative software that reviews multilingual data from scientific, technical, and patent literature. "From these, it has identified several hundred indicators, such as new collaborations or expressions of excitement in text, that highlight emerging areas now."  

FUSE seeks to build capabilities and methodologies that assist a diverse set of analysts (e.g., national security, research evaluation, and business intelligence) in prioritizing new claims, methods, and technologies from around the world. 

To learn more about this new software and its significant predictive power which puts it on track to forecast the launch of new products and other applications, refer to the full-text article.

Week in Pictures

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Eau Clair June 21 Worship Service

Sabbath Speaker: Pastor Stan Hickerson
Sermon Title:  "Who Needs  a Pilot"

Church Service 10:50 am
Sabbath School  9:15 am

Michiana Fil-Am June 21 Worship Service

The speaker this Sabbath at the Michiana Fil-Am Church will be Jerome Skinner. Sabbath School begins at 9:45 am and the worship service begins at 11:20 am. The church is located at 8454 Kephart Lane in Berrien Springs. Prayer meeting is Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mobile Farm Market Begins

By Becky St. Clair

On June 9, 2014, the Mobile Farm Market, provided by the Andrews University Student Gardens, opened for business for the first time, selling fresh produce in Benton Harbor for six hours.

The farmer’s market on wheels is a program sponsored by the Andrews University Student Gardens and partially funded by a Michigan State grant as part of the Be Healthy Berrien initiative. In partnership with the Berrien County Health Department and Planning Commission, the YMCA, Lakeland Healthcare, the cities of Buchanan, Niles and Stevensville, and United Way, the Gardens will be helping host a mobile farm market at strategic locations within the county in an effort to bring affordable healthy food to the community.

“Berrien County has identified seven locations within its borders with a high concentration of low income families who have limited access to produce and groceries,” explains Stephen Erich, mobile farm market coordinator. “These areas are classified as food deserts.”

The food truck takes fresh produce to specific locations within the neighborhoods in these “food deserts,” and sells it to local families for affordable prices. The mobile farm market accepts Bridgecard food stamps, cash and credit/debit cards.

“Everything we’re doing is working toward making Berrien County a healthier place,” says Erich. “We’re not just providing local families with tangible things; we’re also helping to educate them. It’s about building community and taking care of our neighbors.”

The Gardens also have a local intern who accompanies them to the mobile farm market locations. The intern will learn how to operate the market so they can create similar programs in their own neighborhood, all while gaining business skills and work experience. The Gardens also have about 20 student employees during the summer, planting, tending, harvesting and delivering to those signed up for its produce subscription service.

In addition to the partnerships they’ve established through the county, each location for the mobile farm market represents a positive relationship with a local community center or church.

“Providing good, organic food to the community at an affordable price makes me feel good about what I’m doing,” says Arthur Mulyono, gardens manager. “I’m giving something back to my community and serving others. That’s what being a Christian is all about.”

Though the program is in an experimental phase this summer, if the response is positive they may do it again in the future.

“It’s a wonderful witnessing tool,” says Erich. “Health is emphasized a lot within the Adventist Church. It’s important for us as Christians and as young people within the Church to encourage healthy living and do what we can to provide that opportunity for those in our community who may not otherwise be able to manage it.”

To learn more about the Andrews Student Gardens and the mobile farm market, visit and follow them on Twitter @berrienmarket and at

Village Church Service June 21

Village Church Worship Services, Sabbath, June 21, 2014
First Worship: 8:30 a.m.
Second Worship:  11:20 a.m.
Sermon Title - "My Lord And My God"
Preacher -  Pastor Waren Muir

Eau Claire VBS

Bring kids and participate in God's many miracles in Moses' life from his birth to the Crossing of the Red Sea. Every minute of Vacation Bible school will be filled with take-home crafts, thrilling skits, lively songs, nourishing snack food, and powerful Bible lessons. VBS will be held at the Eau Claire SDA Church (6562 Naomi Road, Eau Claire, MI 49111) on June 23-27 from 6:30 to 8:00 PM each evening.

Brandon Lubbert
Eau Claire SDA Church

Monday, June 16, 2014

Beginner Crochet Class

Would you like to learn a relaxing hobby? Enjoy making things with your hands? Come learn crochet! 

Please see poster for more details. 

To sign up, please e-mail me at and I will send you a short registration form. 

Piper Archer Joins Fleet

By Melodie Roschman

Andrews University announces the addition of a new airplane to its Department of Aviation, bringing the school’s operational fleet to seven planes. The new plane, a single engine Archer TX, will be used by the department in its Aviation Flight program, which trains private commercial and airline transport pilots, and flight instructors as well as mission pilots.

A small crowd gathered on the tarmac on the morning of Wednesday, June 11, 2014 to watch the plane make its landing after a two-day flight from the Piper factory in Vero Beach, Florida. Despite a crosswind and rain earlier in the day, Duane Habenicht, chair of the Department of Aviation and the head pilot for the flight, brought the plane in for a smooth landing at 9:45 a.m.

As soon as the engines were stilled, the onlookers crowded around the new acquisition, eager to take in the plane’s 35.5-ft wingspan, run their hands along the blue-and-white paint job, and see the brand-new glass cockpit, the most exciting feature.

A glass cockpit is an instrument array that uses computer screens instead of traditional steam gauges—and this one, says Jared White, recruiting & marketing coordinator, means a crucial improvement to the flight training program. “It finally puts us at a competition standard with other aviation departments in the area. Having a brand new aircraft with an all-glass cockpit prepares us for the future, since that’s where aviation is going.”

The Piper Archer TX, a single-engine piston-powered trainer with four seats, is part of a move by the Department of Aviation to change to a Piper fleet from its aging Cessna fleet, which dates back to the 1970s. Andrews already owns a Piper Arrow and a twin-engine Piper Seminole, and another Piper Archer will arrive next month. “It’s on the assembly line now,” Jim Doran, chief flight instructor, says excitedly. “This is the first time we’ve had a new airplane since 1984. It’s a big deal; it means the University is invested in the program and they’re strongly supporting it.”

Pipers were chosen specifically, Habenicht explains, for financial reasons. Piper offered the University a package deal on the two new Archers, which were paid for through a combination of donations, selling older aircraft, and University support. Having a fleet consisting primarily of airplanes from one manufacturer will reduce overhead costs—and new equipment will save money in the long run. “It’s a nice, new airplane so things don’t have to be repaired as often,” says Darrel Penney, assistant professor of flight and co-pilot for the Archer’s first flight. “It’s a step into the future for Andrews.”

“I think it’s a great improvement to the fleet,” agrees William Stanley, chief dispatcher. “They’ve been needing this for a long time, so now the kids can get some really up-to-date training. The previous Cessna fleet, they’re good trainers, but they’re all over 30 years old….This is a Godsend to us.”

Friday, June 13, 2014

Doctoral Defense

Doctoral Defense, Wednesday, June 18, 2014 from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. in Board Room, Room #307, in the Administrative Building. James Wu will defend his dissertation in partial fulfillment for the PhD degree in Leadership. James Wu’s dissertation title is, “Collaborative Leadership Roles in the Implementation of Adventist Health Lifestyle: A Case Study of the Chinese Union Mission.” Those wishing to attend must make their request through Anna Piskozub, by calling 471-3109.

Benton Harbor: Healthy & Mobile

he Be Healthy Berrien mobile farm market, a partnership with Andrews University's student garden, is ready to roll, starting today. 

The truck, carrying locally grown produce to communities with limited access to fresh foods, will run five days a week to seven locations, reported Nicki Britten, Berrien County Health Department's director of community health.

Garth Woodruff, a professor of horticulture at Andrews who oversees the student garden, said 16 items, including Swiss chard, collard greens, kale, romaine lettuce, cucumbers and herbs, will be available in the first weeks.

That will grow to as many as 40 as the season progresses, he said.

<<< Read the full story >>>

Debbie Michel Interviewed by Local Paper

Debbie Michel has gone from growing up in Jamaica to working as a producer on various NBC news programs in New York City to now living in Berrien Springs.

She said it's been a great ride, and she is now exactly where she wants to be - in Berrien Springs working as an associate professor of communication at Andrews University.

<<< Read the full story >>>

Prof Talks On Food Consumption vs. Production

“It’s pretty well known that we’re second in crop diversity only to California,” said Lee LaVanway, president, CEO and market master of the Benton Harbor Fruit Exchange. “As a temperate zone, we’re probably number one.”

As such, residents and tourists should be able to find a cornucopia of Michigan produce in every supermarket in the region, but taking a trip to any of the local groceries will show you that, in 2014, such is not the case. Rather, finding produce advertised as “Michigan grown” is pretty rare—even during the peaks of the various harvest seasons.

“We have a $500 million gap between what we consume and what we produce in this county,” explained Mark Moreno, associate professor of architecture at Andrews University and founding director of the New Berrien Food Foundation. “We’re spending $680 million, and we’re producing less than $100 million.”

<<< Read the full story >>>

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Register for FLAG Camp

Flag Camp is a summer-long day camp on the campus of Andrews University from June 3 to August 8-that accepts children entering kindergarten to 8th grade.  Through creative programming and activities, FLAG Camp seeks to promote the very things for which its name stands:  Fun Learning About God.  For more information, to register, or donate, visit: or call PMC at 269-471-3133.

All Nations June 14 Church Service

All Nations SDA Church Service, June 14, 2014

Speaker: Talalelei Uta, "Let's Go Fishing"

Week in Pictures

June Board Report

By Melodie Roschman

Enrollment challenges and progress on the new Health & Wellness Center were highlighted at President Niels-Erik Andreasen’s board briefing held on Monday, June 2, 2014.

In the President’s Report, Andreasen reviewed notable news incidents on campus during the year and reaffirmed the University’s commitment to the fundamentals of good quality Adventist education before turning his attention to progress on the planned Health & Wellness Center. Fundraising is going well, he noted, stating that they now have raised about two-thirds of their $18 million goal in cash and pledges.

In the Provost’s Report, Andrea Luxton outlined progress on six strategic initiatives, asking “What Have We Done?” for each and then setting future goals. Each initiative focuses on a major theme: nurturing excellence in pedagogy and research, creating a strong and better-planned community, extending the reach of Andrews at all levels, maintaining spiritual foundations and growth on campus, ensuring financial resilience, and building a campus infrastructure that will support expectations for ten years in the future. She mentioned several practical accomplishments, including increased student and faculty publication, integration of Griggs University into Andrews University, and the development of several departmental service projects and social consciousness initiatives.

Vice President for Enrollment Randy Graves presented the board with the Undergraduate Enrollment Report, which addressed declining enrollment across the United States and at Andrews University. He began his presentation by noting that nationwide enrollment was down 2.3 percent across all sectors, and that Andrews is located in a region of the United States that is experiencing a decline in high school graduates. North American Division high school enrollment is at its lowest in ten years, with less than 3,500 students per grade, and a recent study indicates that only 7.8 percent of Adventists have children in the Seventh-day Adventist school system. All of these factors have contributed to Andrews experiencing lower than expected enrollment this year—a factor that led to $1.3 million less tuition than was originally budgeted.

In his briefing to the faculty and staff, Andreasen reviewed Graves’s recommendations for increasing enrollment in light of these statistics: offering new scholarships, making contact with Andrews easier and more congenial, and working harder to communicate with all interested applicants. He noted that, in a market where the average Adventist family income is decreasing and parents are focused on receiving maximum value for their money, the personal touch is vital. Andreasen encouraged faculty members to call prospective students offering information and assistance, and noted that he was spending the next few days hand-signing a thousand letters to accepted students. 

Andreasen also explained in his briefing how the enrollment decrease and an increase in fringe benefits, including medical expenses, affected the budget. Andrews did not go into debt this year, he explained, solely because “we are good bankers.” The return on University investments compensated for the deficit in operations.

Andreasen concluded his address by making reference to Andrews’s impact outside of the campus gates. He announced University participation in a 40-year partnership with Berrien County to improve local sewer and water lines with the ultimate goal of increasing the standard of living in the community. While this project represents a significant financial investment, he explained that the cost will not be problematic due to its spread-out nature, and emphasized the importance of Andrews University being “a good neighbor” to the community. Andreasen also made reference to what he called a flood of recent attention paid to LGBT issues prompted by the campus newspaper and two forums. While maintaining agreement with the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s official stance on the issue, Chair of the Board Ben Schoun reiterated Andrews’s commitment to creating an atmosphere of “care and compassion towards all students.”

The board also voted the following new appointments and changes in rank/position:

Staff Appointments

Renato Mejia, Graduate Marketing and Recruiting Coordinator; Darla Smothers-Morant, Student Success Advisor

Faculty Appointments

College of Arts & Sciences
Paul Matychuk, associate professor of English/interim director of Center for Intensive English Program, Department of English

Department of Agriculture
Jerry D. Harris, assistant professor, agronomic sciences

School of Business Administration
Quentin Sahly, assistant professor, Department of Accounting, Economics & Finance

School of Health Professions
Ryan T. Orrison, assistant professor/Foundation Science coordinator, Department of Physical Therapy; Tasha Simpson, assistant professor/blood banking, Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences

Change in Position
Andriy Kharkovyy, associate director, Alumni Services; Eric Paddock, Gymnics coach, School of Health Professions; Cindy Swanson, interim manager, Bookstore

Promotion in Rank
School of Health Professions
Ruth Abbott, professor emerita, Department of Nursing; Nancy Carter, professor emerita, Department of Nursing; Winston Craig, professor emeritus , Department of Public Health, Nutrition & Wellness; Marcia Kilsby, professor emerita, Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences; Albert McMullen, professor emeritus, Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences; Richard Show, professor emeritus, Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences

School of Education
Shirley Freed, professor emerita, Department of Leadership

Richard Show, 28.5 years of service, Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences; Shirley Freed, 23 years of service, Department of Leadership; Winston Craig, 27 years of service, Department of Public Health, Nutrition & Wellness; Eileen Lesher, 30 years of service, Office of Graduate Enrollment; Delyse Steyn, 13.6 years of service, Department of Communication

Clarence Lowe, Jr., Passed Away

Clarence “Rex” Lowe, Jr., 86, of Baroda, formerly of Berrien Springs, passed away on Sunday, June 8, 2014, at Hanson Hospice Center in Stevensville. Memorial services will be announced at a later date. Allred Funeral Home has been entrusted with cremation arrangements. Online messages for the family may be left at, and memorial donations may be made to Hospice at Home. 

<<< Read the full Obituary >>>

Niles Westside SDA Church Speaker

Sabbath School: 9:30 a.m.
Church Services: 8:30 & 11 a.m.

June 14: Kari Prouty, Speaker

Niles Westside Adventist Church
1105 Grant St (at Fairview Ave)
Niles, MI

HR Closed Today

HR will be closed today for meetings. We apologize for the inconvenience. We will be open regular hours Friday morning. 

Sylvia Budd's Mother Passed Away

Aretta E. "Betty" Smith passed away on Wednesday, June 11, 2014, in Berrien Springs, MI.  Her daughter and son-in-law are Sylvia Budd, internal auditor, and Marvin, ITS.  She attended EMC from 1934-36.  Services will be at Allred Funeral Home on Monday.  Please keep the family in your prayers.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

AICER Symposium on Teacher Education Curriculum at Two Black Colleges

Andrews International Center for Educational Research (AICER) is inviting students and faculty to attend  a presentation entitled, “The Impact of Accreditation on the Teacher Education Curriculums at Two Historically Black Colleges from 1920-1940."

Presenter:  Denise Shaver, Seminary Assessment Coordinator, Andrews University Institutional Effectiveness

In this presentation, Ms. Shaver will argue that historically teachers served a pivotal role in the African American community. Since the education program from which teachers emerge influences their social, political, and economic outlook, it is important to understand some of the internal and external impetus for curricula changes in the teacher education programs during the accreditation process at historically black colleges.

Venue:  Bell Hall, Room 13.   June 18, 2012 at 12:00 noon

Online participants need to login as 'Guest" at   or whether or not they are registered Andrews students.

Doctoral Defense

Doctoral Defense, Tuesday, June 24, 2014 from 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. in Buller Hall, Room #149. Lisa Margerum will defend her dissertation in partial fulfillment for the PhD degree in Leadership. Lisa Margerum’s dissertation title is, “Late Completers: How and Why Non-Traditional Graduate Students Who Exceed Program Timelines of 10 Years Ultimately Complete the Doctoral Process.” Those wishing to attend must make their request through Anna Piskozub, by calling 471-3109.

Doctoral Defense

Doctoral Defense, Monday, June 23, 2014, from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. in Buller Hall Room #108. Amy Cramer will defend her dissertation in partial fulfillment for the PhD degree in Educational Psychology. Amy Cramer’s dissertation title is, “Attitudes and Efficacy Beliefs of Preservice Teachers Toward Inclusion of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders.” Those wishing to attend must make their request through Anna Piskozub, by calling 471-3109.

CYB Group Training

CHANGE YOUR BODY GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING starts a new session on Tuesday,June 17, at 6pm, at Lamson Health Club. This unique program will help you to shed fat, build muscle, and increase lean midsection. Within each workout you will get dynamic warms-ups, core training, strength training and improve your overall conditioning. The class meets two times a week (Tuesday, 6pm-7:30pm and Thursday 6pm-7:30pm) for four weeks for a total of 12 hours of training. AU employees will be reimbursed up to 50% for the cost of the program. If you are interested in joining, please e-mail Anna at

AICER Symposium on Literacy and Parental Involvment

Andrews International Center for Educational Research (AICER) invites you to attend an interview on "Literacy and Parental Involvement," conducted by Ms. Allyson Blandin, AU Educational Psychology Graduate Student, with Dr. Audrey Henry, Director of Academy and Faculty Support and Program Professor in Reading at Nova Southeastern University, Abraham S. Fischler School of Education. 

This interview will focus on Literacy and Parental Involvement as a vehicle for enhancing literacy skills. The discussion will provide strategies that can be practically applied by teachers, principals, students and parents.

Date:  June 20, 2014, 12:00 noon

Face-to-face participants meet in Bell Hall, Room 013

Online participants to login as "Guest" at  or whether or not they are registered at Andrews University.

FIFA World Cup 2014

We will be showing the FIFA World Cup in the campus center beginning this Thursday at 4pm. We will be using both the Rec Center located in the basement of the campus center as well as the campus center lobby to show games throughout the entire series. Game times will be listed in the Rec Center, Student Life, International Student Services and the agenda. To view additional games please speak with someone in either Student Life or International Student Services. 



Volunteers for Andrews University Pathfinder Day

Approximately 1,000 Pathfinders will attend the first-ever Andrews University Pathfinder Day on Sunday, August 10, on their way to Oshkosh Camporee. If you would like to serve as a volunteer for this on-campus event, we’re looking for greeters, registration staff, pancake flippers, picnic servers and other assignments to help the day go smoothly and give them a warm Andrews welcome. Both full- and half-day assignments available. One volunteer orientation session prior to the event is required of all volunteers. If this is your calling, please contact Rebecca May at or 269-471-3345. 

Getting Settled Yard Sale 2 days 6/12&6/13

Getting Settled Yard Sale Thurs 6/12 and Fri 6/13 10 am to 6 pm 10729 Concord Dr. (Cross-roads Rangeline / Snyder) - Berrien Springs, MI 49103 Furniture, Tools, Electronics, Toys, Clothes, and more...

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Reflect Project

by Melodie Roschman

“If you could write a letter to your younger self, what would you say?” This is the question that commercial photographer and Andrews alumnus Trent Bell asks in “REFLECT: Convicts’ letters to their younger selves,” a 2013 portrait series that has since gained international recognition.

Bell, 37, received his master’s degree in architecture from Andrews in 2003, but soon decided he preferred commercial photography. He now lives in Biddeford, Maine, and works as a personal and architectural photographer, with work published in publications such as “Conde Nast Traveler,” “The New York Times,” and “Good Housekeeping.”

The decision to undertake “REFLECT” was motivated by personal circumstances. In early 2013, only a few days after his son was born, Bell received news that a friend of his, an educated professional with a wife and four children, had been sentenced to 36 years in prison. The news came as a shock and a wakeup call; a reminder of how quickly one bad decision could change his whole life.

“There were times when my son would look up and smile at me,” Bell reflects on his website, “and the finality of my friend’s situation would rush into my head and I would hear a cold thin voice say: ‘…there, but for the grace of God, go I…’”

With this in mind, Bell approached the Maine prison system with a proposal: he would photograph portraits of convicts, then have them write heartfelt letters to their younger selves, pre-crime, and superimpose the text over the portraits. He received permission, and in August 2013 he shot twelve portraits of inmates at Maine State Prison in Warren, Maine. After the photo shoot, he returned to the studio and spent hours painstakingly editing the photos and overlaying each man’s handwriting over his portrait.

“There was a moment when I first saw the text overlaid around the inmates and the project really came together,” Bell recalls. “It was an immediate realization that something powerful had been created.”

Bell printed the portraits to be almost life-size, and displayed them in a gallery showing in February 2014 at Engine Gallery in Biddeford, Maine, to overwhelmingly positive responses from family and friends of the subjects, as well as the general public. In a video on Bell’s website, visitors reflect on the portraits, describing them as “extremely powerful,” “very touching,” and bringing them “to tears.”

The father of “Brandon,” the youngest prisoner in the series, reflects that in viewing the gallery, “the biggest emotion [for me] is pride…[in light of] the mistake that my son made to get himself in prison—he’s done so many other things to help others in his situation, and as I see his portrait on the wall and the letter that he wrote, it’s sincere and it’s my son, it’s all him.”

The project has since been profiled by national and international newsagents in North America, the UK and Australia, and Bell plans to develop it into a documentary and possibly a further photo series applying the concept to other aspects of society.

“The goal of this project,” he explains, “was to encourage conversation; to create empathy, understanding and a heightened experience of standing in someone else’s shoes.”

View the whole project on Bell's website.

PMC Sabbath evening vespers

Messiah's Mansion

Youth Chapel

June 14, 7:30 pm

Come join us at vespers for a special video on the sanctuary.  This program will be of interest to all ages.

Dell Spring Promo

Adventist Conference on Family Research & Practice

The 2nd Annual Adventist Conference on Family Research & Practice (ACFRP) will be held at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary from July 17-19, 2014.

Speakers include René Drumm, Dean of the School of Social Work at Southern Adventist University, and Carlton Byrd, Senior Pastor of the Oakwood University Church.

For more information and to register, please visit 


6 –7:15 p.m. Registration
7:30–9 p.m. Keynote address
8:30–10 a.m. Plenary Session
10:30 a.m.–12 p.m. Practice and Research Workshops
12–1:30 p.m. Lunch Reception
2–3:30 p.m. Practice and Research Workshops
7:30–8:30 p.m. Sabbath Opening Session
11 a.m.–1 p.m. Morning Worship
3 p.m.–5 p.m. Seminar

Register here:
For more information contact

Women-focused Scholarship Opportunity

Womenetics and Discover Financial Services are offering five undergraduates a total of $15,000 through the Advancing Aspirations Global Scholarship (AAGS). With this award-winning essay competition, Womenetics and Discover encourage students to research and create awareness about global issues that affect women in business.

In addition to the prize money, the five finalists will be invited on an expense-paid trip to share their insights at the 2014 Global Women’s Initiative – where the grand prize winner will be announced – in Chicago on Nov. 12. Finalists will also be featured on, named one of Forbes top 100 websites for women for 3 consecutive years.

The 2014 Global Women’s Initiative will convene international thought leaders to explore Women as the Competitive Advantage: Redefining a Workplace that Works for Women and Men. The conference will address the need to create a workplace that more effectively aligns with the lives of today’s workforce so organizations are better able to harness diverse talent for their future success – particularly women.

Corresponding with that theme, students can choose from essay prompts about:
·         Employee engagement in a world of competing demands
·         Confidence and risk
·         Men as catalysts for change
·         Work environment & productivity

The competition is open to all undergraduates currently enrolled at accredited colleges and universities, and we hope you will encourage potentially interested students to apply.

Deadline for entries is July 25.
For more information and to enter, visit:

Please contact Stephanie Proft with any questions at or 404-816-7224.

With best regards,

Stephanie Proft

Women's Ministries Emphasis Day at Berrien Springs Spanish SDA Church

Día de Énfasis del Ministerio de la Mujer
en la Iglesia Hispana Adventista del Séptimo Día de Berrien Springs
Sábado 14 de junio del 2014 a las 11:15am
Raquel Illingworth, "Vosotros sois la Luz del Mundo"
Para más información,  

Michigan Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters

Andrews University will host the 2015 Michigan Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters (MASAL) Conference on March 13, 2015. This is the first time Andrews has hosted MASAL, although we have a long history of presenting at the annual conference. For more information about the upcoming conference, visit the MASAL Website.

From Graffiti to Ministry

Monday, June 9, 2014

Eau Claire Church Service

Sabbath Speaker: Amy Moreno
Sermon Title: "Designed Whole"
Church Service: 10:50 am
Sabbath School: 9:15 am
Eau Claire SDA Church
6562 Naomi Road
Eau Claire, MI 49111

Village Church Service

Village Church Worship Service, Sabbath, June 14 2014

First Worship: 8:30 a.m.
Second Worship: 11:20 a.m.
Sermon Title - "The Mad Monarch and the Towering Tree"
Preacher - Dr. Conrad Vine
Place - Village SDA Church
635 St Joseph Ave, Berrien Springs, MI 49103


Stevensville VBS

VBS Invitation!

Come explore with us the Hands and Feet of Jesus July 13-17, from 6 pm to 8 pm at the St Joseph SDA church. We welcome kids from 3 to 13! Our church is located in St Joseph at 1201 Maiden Lane. Call 408-1130 and leave a message to register. 

Nancy Schmidt
St Joseph SDA Church clerk


Business Alumnus Named CEO of Medical Center

ohn Harding has been named the interim CEO of Phoebe Sumter Medical Center, effective June 9.

“We are very pleased to have John come aboard and serve as the interim CEO at Phoebe Sumter as we continue to search for a permanent person for that role,” said Joe Austin, chief operating officer (COO) of the Phoebe Putney Health System. “He brings a wealth of knowledge and has tremendous success in leadership in the healthcare industry, and he will be a welcomed asset not only to Phoebe Sumter but to the community as a whole.”

<<< Read the full story >>>

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Learn Chinese for Free

1 Hour

Monday - Friday ( June 9  to July 3)

If you have any question or concern, email me!


Ruth Murdoch Garage Sale


Ruth Murdoch Elementary School announces it annual garage sale
June 29th  – July 3rd & July 6th
We will be accepting donations starting June 1st  , 2014
Furniture,  washers, dryers, kitchen items, clothing, books, toys, arts and crafts.
Phone: 269-471-3225 for more information.

Week in Pictures

The King's Heralds in Concert

The King's Heralds Concert: Friday, June 27, at 7 p.m. at Niles Westside Adventist Church (1105 Grant St, Niles, MI). A freewill offering will be taken to help defray their expenses.

Christian Babysitter Needed

Christian Babysitter needed for 2014-2015 school year. 8-12 hours per week at $9.50/hour. The person chosen would be in charge of a 4 and 2 year old from aproximately 1:30 to  6:30pm T-TH. Experience with children is encouraged and flexibility in schedule is a must. You must also provide three credible references. If interested please call Libna at 601-688-0329. Beginning date is August 20th. 

Niles Westside Adventist Church Service June 7, 2014

Niles Westside Adventist Church
1105 Grant St (at Fairview Ave)
Niles, MI

Sabbath School: 9:30 a.m.
Church Service: 8:30 & 11 a.m.

June 7: Pastor Darrel le Roux, Speaker

Village Church Worship Service June 7, 2014

Village Church Worship Services, Sabbath, June 7, 2014
First Worship: 8:30 a.m.
Second Worship:  11:20 a.m.
Sermon Title - "Break Another Bottle"
Preacher -  Pastor Ron Kelly

Place - Village SDA Church
635 St. Joseph Ave, Berrien Springs, MI 49103
Phone # 471-7795
Contact Person - Elizabeth Tan

New Chaplain Named

Following a comprehensive search process that included participants from the University, campus church, and Lake Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Andrews University announces the selection of a new University Chaplain. June Price, currently the associate dean of Lamson Hall on the Andrews University campus, is already beginning a transition to her new role and will be fully engaged as University Chaplain on July 1, 2014.

“We are delighted to provide an opportunity for June to share with our entire campus community the spiritual gifts and leadership she has so effectively honed and demonstrated over the last decade in her ministry to Lamson residents,” says Frances Faehner, vice president of Student Life at Andrews University and chair of the Search Committee.

Price graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, Tennessee. She also holds a master’s degree in counseling with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy, also from SAU. Prior to her arrival at Andrews in 2006, Price was the women’s dean at Bass Memorial Adventist Academy in Mississippi, where she also taught Bible and psychology. Previously she served as a school counselor and practiced as a clinician providing individual as well as marriage and family therapy.

During her tenure in Lamson Hall, Price designed a host of vibrant initiatives to help residents deepen their relationship with God. Students as well as colleagues have found Price to be a valued and trusted spiritual mentor.

“June brings the heart of a pastor, the skills of a dean and the passion of a spiritual leader to her new calling,” says Dwight Nelson, senior pastor at Pioneer Memorial Church at Andrews University. “We're excited about this new chapter and eager to partner with our new lead chaplain.”

Price fills this role following the departure of Chaplain Japhet De Oliveira, who left the position last January to pastor in Boulder, Colorado.

“My passion in life is the pursuit of God and His transforming power in our lives through changing the way we think,” says Price. “I am humbled and honored to serve the family of God as chaplain at Andrews University, and I pray that the Father will make me useful and pleasing to His Kingdom agenda.”

“Please join us in prayer and support for Chaplain Price and the Campus Ministries team as we work together in pursing God’s dreams and plans for Andrews University,” says Andrea Luxton, provost.

To learn more about Campus Ministries at Andrews, visit

Renaissance Kids Architecture Camp

Andrews University School of Architecture, Art & Design invites the community to register soon for its annual Renaissance Kids summer program in which kids ages 5–15 are provided with fun, creative and educational hands-on activities relating to architecture. Space is limited and the first session begins next Monday, June 9.
The theme this summer is “Design for All People” and will encourage kids to place themselves in the shoes of architects who cater to clients’ unique needs. Architects realize the vast array of differences between people and must be able to accommodate everyone. Renaissance Kids participants are encouraged to use their imagination to problem-solve, draw and build throughout the program.

“I look forward to the annual challenges of developing a new and unique curriculum for the sessions of varied age groups,” says Mark Moreno, associate professor of architecture, and developer/director of Renaissance Kids.

During the event, guests will attend the class to serve as ‘clients’ for which the students will design. If you or someone you know are interested in volunteering to be a ‘client’ for this event, contact Moreno at 269-932-5055 or

This year the Krasl Art Center has approved two projects in which Renaissance Kids attendees will be involved. The first is a memorial art installation that will involve kids in each session. The second is this year’s build project for Session 7 kids; a sitting space of benches and a bench swing hanging between masonry piers.

The camp will be held at the architecture building, located at 8435 E. Campus Circle Dr. The event schedule is as follows:

Session 1: June 9–13, 8:30 a.m.–12 p.m., ages 7–9, $150
Session 2: June 9–13, 1:45–5:15 p.m., ages 10–12, $150
Session 3: June 16–20, 8:30 a.m.–12 p.m., ages 10–12, $150
Session 4: June 16–20, 1:45–5:15 p.m., ages 7–9, $150
Session 5: June 23–27, 8:30–11:30 a.m., ages 5–6, $150
Session 6: June 23–27, 1:45–5:15 p.m., ages 7–9, $150 (held at Krasl Art Center in St. Joseph, Mich.)
Session 7: July 7–18, 9 a.m.–4 p.m., ages 12–16, $270 (week 1 held at Andrews University, week 2 location to be determined for hands-on construction project)

“Renaissance Kids is an absolute joy to operate,” says Moreno. “My staff and I get to watch the kids imaginatively create designs and take on educational challenges all while having fun. The kids get to draw, build and create in a friendly environment. Together, we get to build lasting memories and produce artifacts in the community landscape that could last for generations.”

For more information and registration forms, visit

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Writing Presentation Proposals

Andrews International Center for Educational Research (AICER) invites you to attend a research symposium on, Tuesday, June 17, 2014 at 12:00 Noon

Title:    Writing Presentation Proposals?

Presenter:   Dr. Larry Burton, Professor of Teaching, Learning and Curriculum. Editor Journal of Research on Christian Education.  

Would you like to write a successful conference proposal? During this session, Dr. Burton will share practical guidelines that are applicable to different conference settings. To benefit from the symposium, attendees are encouraged to bring “requests for conference proposals (proposal guidelines)” or  proposals in process. Dr. Burton will provide individual feedback as needed to session participants after his presentation. This work session is particularly targeted to faculty and students who have presented papers at conferences or wish to present papers at a conference, although everyone will benefit from the session.

Face-to-face participants meet in Bell Hall.  
Online participants to login as "Guest" at    or whether or not they are registered Andrews students.

Irises in Bloom

Looking for a chance to explore the Andrews campus, get out in the beautiful spring weather, and see some seasonal color? The iris field by Sutherland House is currently in full bloom. They will likely be at their peak through Thursday and this is not something you want to miss. Bring a friend and come on out! 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Professor Creates Early Math Assessment Test

by Becky St. Clair

Nadia Nosworthy, assistant professor of education and developmental psychology, recently completed her doctoral thesis, a project that yielded a math skills assessment test for children as young as five.

“The test can be used even with kindergarten students, and it already shows a promising predictability for future math performance,” explains Nosworthy. “Students who do well on this test tend to do better later on in math.”

With a background in elementary education, Nosworthy felt a strong desire to create a project that would benefit both students and teachers. She wanted to develop a tool that was user-friendly, efficient, low-cost and reliable. Right now there are not very many standardized tests for math in general, and those that are available tend to test higher level skills.

“You have to start with the basics,” says Nosworthy. “Math is an accumulative skill. For example, we know kids have to know letters and their sounds before they can comprehend words and sentences. Current math skills tests are basically asking kids to read sentences before we’ve taught them letters. You have to start from the beginning.”

Nosworthy developed the test alongside her colleague at the University of Western Ontario in Canada, Daniel Ansari, Canada Research Chair in developmental cognitive neuroscience. The test was created partially based on the idea that developing countries needed a way to administer a math skills test without a computer. Once completed, the project was piloted in Cambodia, India, Kenya, and The Gambia.  During the 2011–2012 school year the test was used in seven Canadian schools, with hopes of stretching that number to 30 this coming fall.

“Best case scenario, in two years we’ll have better indicators as to the effectiveness of this test in predicting future math achievement,” says Nosworthy. “More than likely, however, it will take several years, since the kids who have already taken the test in kindergarten need to continue to demonstrate their math skills before we can see if their initial test scores were able to accurately predict their later abilities.”

The two-minute test has standardized instructions and two sections. The first section focuses on digits and recognizing how many each number symbolizes, therefore testing a child’s ability to acknowledge which digits are bigger and which are smaller. The second section tests a child’s ability to estimate and compare quantities by showing them boxes of dots to compare and asking them to indicate which box contains a greater number of dots. The test is available for free online at

Math anxiety is a piece of the puzzle Nosworthy is very interested in adding to the project, in an effort to measure the relationship—if any—between how well students do with arithmetic and how well they do on the test.

“I’ve administered this test over 100 times and the response has always been positive,” she says. “They see it as a fun game, rather than a test. But when you pull out the equations and arithmetic that’s when some children start tensing up and lose interest.”

A study in the fall will begin working with teachers to help them learn more about how to intervene when they notice a student struggling in math.

“The way we educate teachers about math instruction has to change,” says Nosworthy. “When they are excited to teach something, the students get excited. It’s also true that if they are not excited to teach something, the students pick up on that and they are not excited to learn it. We do a disservice to students when this happens.”

Although the teachers who will be working with Nosworthy and Ansari in the fall are all within the Canadian system, plans are in the works to include U.S. teachers soon.

Nosworthy also stresses that kids who understand numbers and their relationships before kindergarten have a much better advantage than those who don’t.

“You don’t have to teach arithmetic to start working math into your child’s everyday language,” she says. “Ask them to hand you two apples, not ‘some.’ Help them count the cars along the road as you drive. Get them used to number language early.”

Recent research has shown that math and literacy work together and should be considered equally valuable.

“Math is just as important as reading,” says Nosworthy. “Perhaps we tend to believe that to be independent you have to read and write so we focus on language literacy more than math. But we have to start acknowledging that developing math skills is just as important as literacy skills. Numbers are important, too. And they can also be exciting.”

ADRA Job Openings

ADRA International, Silver Spring, MD has the following job openings: 1) Senior Program Manager; 2) Program Finance Manager; and 3) Technical Advisor for Health and Nutrition.

The Senior Program Manager (SPM) effectively manages the implementation of development and emergency programs whether government or privately funded in assigned countries/region in accordance with ADRA’s Program Implementation Unit’s and Donor’s Guidelines. Annual salary is approximately $69,000 to $82,000.

The Program Finance Manager (PFM) provides day to day support to ADRA implementing field offices on financial management processes, financial compliance, and adherence to donor regulations and ADRA policies. The annual salary is approximately $67,000 to $79,000.

The Technical Advisor for Health and Nutrition is responsible for contributing to the overall ADRA program strategy, assuring high-quality proposal submission, program development, program implementation, monitoring and evaluation and research initiatives. The annual salary is approximately $67,000 to $79,000.

For detailed job descriptions and to apply online, please visit:

Carpet Sale

Custodial Services will be having a Carpet Sale, Thursday June 5, 2014 at 10 a.m. (weather permitting). These carpets are still on the roll and have never been installed, but are several years old. The prices will be set to sell the carpet quickly. We will be selling by the roll (no Cut Pieces). This is a cash and carry sale. We cannot hold it for you. We cannot be responsible for your carpet after you buy it.

Art Alumna Mentors Artists

FUSION is proud to announce its next Mentorship Program in the Toronto Region, commencing September 2014. The program will culminate in an exhibition at the Ontario Craft Gallery Fall 2015. This mentorship is intended to be a significant, transformative learning experience for the participating artists.

Linda Sormin will be the mentor of this selected group. She studied ceramics at Andrews University, Sheridan College’s Craft & Design program (Diploma in Ceramics) and Alfred University (MFA 2003). 

<<< Read the full story >>>

Professor Interviewed on TorahResource Radio

This month on TorahResource Radio we interview Dr. Jacques Doukhan.

Jacques B. Doukhan was born in Algeria and educated in France, where he completed his doctorate in Hebrew language and literature at the University of Strasbourg. He was then the recipient of a post doctorate research scholarship from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Doukhan also holds a doctorate in Old Testament exegesis from Andrews University, where he is now professor of Hebrew, Old Testament exegesis, and Jewish Studies. He also is editor of L’Oliver and Shabbat Shalom and director of the Institute of Jewish-Christian Studies. His books include Drinking at the Sources; The Genesis Creation Story: Its Literary Structure; Hebrew for Theologians; Secrets of Daniel, and Secrets of Revelation. He is the editor of two journals, Shabbat Shalom and L’Olivier.

<<< Listen to the Interview >>>

Monday, June 2, 2014

All Nations Church Service June 7, 2014

All Nations SDA Church Service, June 7, 2014

Speaker: Keni Rimoni, "Possession or Participation?"

Alumnus to Hold Art Show

For his latest solo show, Ohio artist Lee Kirschbaum will be "coming home."

Kirschbaum's work, "Feathers and other Fine Art," will be on display Tuesday through June 28 at the KK Berge gallery in downtown Granite Falls. An artist reception will be from 7-9 p.m. Thursday, June 5.

Kirschbaum grew up on a farm outside of Granite Falls. He received a master of arts degree in mathematics from Andrews University in Michigan and at the same time, he had completed the requirements for a commercial art certificate from Art Instruction Schools in Minneapolis.

<<< Read the full story >>>

Invitation to attend Borneo Youth Leadership Conference 2014

Invitation to attend Borneo Youth Leadership Conference 2014

Referring to the matter above, I Roohullah Qalandari, Committee member of Borneo Youth Leadership Conference 2014 would like to extend an invitation to your students to participate in out upcoming event, the Borneo Youth Leadership Conference 2014.

       Borneo Youth Leadership Conference 2014 is an event that we at Curtin Sarawak Student Council hope will inspire and motivate students to pursue their dreams and goals, and ultimately becoming leaders in their own lives. This conference will introduce the students to a panel of succesful, and accomplished speakers. Along with that it will also include workshops carried out by professionals, who will teach participants on how to apply their leadership skills via leadership simulations. Our ultimate goal is, through engaging with succesful individuals, participating in our activities and workshops, to aid students in oncovering and their potential which will help mould them to be the leaders of tomorrow.
The following are the details of the camp:
         Date: 4th of August 2014 – 8th of August 2014
         Venue: Curtin University Sarawak Campus, Malaysia
         Theme: Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders

       Representatives from your school will be charged a participation fee of USD$100.00 per student. We are expecting a total of 5 representatitives from your institution. Please fill up the participation form(s) together with the signature of the person-in-charge and an official institute stamp. If you wish to send more participants you are welcome to do so, as long as we have empty slots available. This is due to the fact that this conference is limited to a total of 300 participants only.

   The names of representatives are to be writen in a letter authorized by the person-in-charge accomapanied by an official institute stamp. Please fax your response letter, ALL participation forms and bank statements, with the name of your institute and address them to :

Vinodh Menon
Organizing Chairperson
Borneo Youth Leadership Conference 2014
Curtin Sarawak Student Council 2014
Curtin University Sarawak Campus
Fax: +6085-443088

Please bank in the participation fee for all representatives to the Curtin Sarawak Student Council bank account:
Bank Account No: 019-202-200006-2
Bank Account Name: Student Council Curtin Sarawak Miri
Name of Bank: Ambank


    Please refer to the attachments for further details on the conference:
a) Invitation Poster
b) Endorsement Letter
c) Event Factsheet
d) Participation Form
e) Conference Agenda

Should you have any queries, please contact Vinodh Menon (Organizing Chairperson) at +60127022502 or email to Also see our website for more information

  The due date to submit the required forms along with the stated payment is 1st of July 2014, we ask that you respond to us before them. Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Eau Claire Sabbath Service June 7, 2014

Eau Claire SDA Church
6562 Naomi Road
Eau Claire, MI 49111

Sabbath Speaker:  Pastor Ted Toms
Sermon Title:  "Like Blood for Paint"
In a life and death struggle, the angel of death becomes the agent of freedom
Exodus Series Part 6 of 12

Church Service 10:50 am
Sabbath School  9:15 am

Friday, May 30, 2014

Regis Philbin visits the Economic Club of Southwest Michigan

Regis Philbin is coming to the Economic Club of Southwestern Michigan

For more information click here:

Free tickets are available to University personnel and students by emailing or leaving a message at (269) 471-3122.  First come first served.

Apartment Needed

Need efficient apt for July only. Please contact me with any information you may have. Thank you.

All Nations Church Service May 31, 2014

All Nations SDA Church Service May 31, 2014
Speaker: R. Clifford Jones, "The Priesthood of Believers"

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Week in Pictures

Book Drive for Zimbabwe! - UPDATED

Vimbo Zvandasara-Zhou, a recent graduate of Andrews University, is aiming to collect 1,000 books to donate to Solusi Elementary, High School, and University in Zimbabwe.

UPDATE! Within the last week (since the first Agenda announcement), an additional 200 more books, textbooks, novels, magazines, and even a computer monitor have been donated - bringing the total so far to about 600 books!

These books will be donated to the k-12 and university school community at Solusi, as well as the school's church.

If you have any new or gently used books, textbooks, or other educational resources, please e-mail Vimbo at or call (269) 473-3920 (leave a message mentioning that it is in regard to the book drive). If you live in the general Berrien Springs area, she is willing to arrange a pick up of the books.

Examples of things needed:



-Childrens books, novels, etc.


-Sabbath school materials

-School supplies

-Classroom teaching tools

-Educational magazines

This book drive will go through July 1st, but if you are interested in donating, contact Vimbo asap.


phone: (269) 473-3920 (leave a message mentioning that it is in regard to the book drive)

Contact Vimbo Zvandasara-Zhou for more information at or by calling 269-473-3920.


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Traffic DELAYS in downtown Berrien Springs the next two weeks.

Advisory: Traffic DELAYS in downtown Berrien Springs the next two weeks.

Due to MDOT bridge work, M-139 (old 31) traffic across the SJ river bridge will be one lane controlled by a traffic signal. Expect delays during the day with the heaviest times from 3-6 p.m. DO NOT block intersections if in a line of slow moving traffic. Seek alternate routes if possible.


Professor Edits Book on Biblical Leadership

by Becky St. Clair

Leadership probably isn’t what we think it is, at least according to the Bible.

That’s the surprising conclusion many readers will draw from a new book edited by Skip Bell, professor of leadership studies and director of the Doctor of Ministry program at the Andrews University Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary. "Servants and Friends: A Biblical Theology of Leadership" was released in May by Andrews University Press.

The book is intended to fill a large void in Christian leadership studies, according to Bell.

“Leadership is getting a lot of attention from society and the church,” Bell says. “As culture trends toward fragmentation, we want to know how to navigate, and to find or develop people who provide helpful leadership within their context. Society often looks to the current roster of motivational speaker celebrities or to what is trending in secular pop psychology. But the body of Christ—followers of Jesus, serving in the community, the workplace, as in the church and its institutions—must look seriously and deeply to the Bible.”

Bell notes that Christians studying leadership have long considered the case studies of many Biblical figures and drawn helpful homiletical lessons. But there has been very little work that has addressed the foundational theological meaning that Scripture has to offer, and that is what Bell and his colleagues have done in "Servants and Friends."

Bell began organizing the project in 2010. He brought together a large group of his Seminary colleagues with specialties in various areas of biblical studies and systematic and applied theology. They envisioned a book that would closely examine biblical language and concepts in the various natural divisions of Scripture, section by section. They also would select some of the major narratives and characters for further theological study.

The final roster of contributors for the book includes the following: Bell, C. Adelina Alexe, P. Richard Choi, Jo Ann Davidson, Richard M. Davidson, Jacques B. Doukhan, Roy E. Gane, Robert M. Johnston, R. Clifford Jones, Jiri Moskala, Stanley E. Patterson, Paul B. Petersen, Thomas R. Shepherd, all from Andrews University; Barry Gane from Avondale College (New South Wales, Australia); Jon Paulien and Sigve K. Tonstad from Loma Linda University (California); Leslie N. Pollard from Oakwood University (Huntsville, Alabama); Bernard J. Sauvagnat, an Adventist pastor from France; Douglas Tilstra from Southern Adventist University (Collegedale, Tennessee); and James R. Wibberding, an Adventist pastor from Idaho.

The result of their work is a highly readable book of 21 chapters in 450 pages that is easily accessible to the educated church member, and specifically useful as a textbook, according to Ronald Knott, director of Andrews University Press. Knott noted that each chapter concludes with a reflection section that provides helpful questions for applying the content to one’s personal life and to situations in organizational leadership.

“Bell did an outstanding job of seeing this dream through to completion,” Knott said. “It’s been a long process, and sometimes he may have thought we at the Press were just being difficult. But he never gave up. Being the general editor of a book with so many different contributors is a daunting task. Sometimes general editors take shortcuts, and try to push difficult matters of editorial consistency back onto the publisher. But from the beginning, he knew what his job was and he fully embraced it. Every publisher could wish for general editors like him.”

Bell has been a member of the Seminary faculty at Andrews University since 2000. He is the founding director of the University’s Christian Leadership Center and holds a DMin degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. His primary professional focus has been in leadership and administration, and he is a frequent presenter at professional meetings, helping organizations focus on vision and leadership. Before coming to Andrews, he worked for many years as a local pastor and regional church administrator for the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Knott said the Press expects "Servants and Friends" to be well received as a landmark publication in Christian leadership studies. For starters, it will be the focus of the pre-session of the 4th Annual Andrews University Leadership Conference, to be held July 26–28, 2014. It has also received generous praise from those who have seen the work prior to publication.

Thomas F. Tumblin, dean of the Beeson International Center and professor of leadership at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky, wrote: “I highly recommend 'Servants and Friends' to students and practitioners whose hearts crave the sacred integrity of leadership grounded in the love of God and neighbor.”

Brian C. Richardson, chair of the Department of Leadership in the Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism and Ministry at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, wrote, “The authors demonstrate that true spiritual leadership is more than the practice of certain principles, but is also a part of the ‘spiritual pursuit.’  For those engaged in spiritual leadership and management this book provides a vital foundation.”

"Servants and Friends: A Biblical Theology of Leadership" is available now in print and digital editions from major online book retailers, and in print directly from Andrews University Press at

Andrews University Press is the only regularly established academic publishing house to serve the Seventh-day Adventist Church worldwide. It publishes academic and professional books that make important contributions to understanding in their respective disciplines and to the mission and purpose of Andrews University.


Niles Westside Adventist Church Service May 31, 2014

Niles Westside Adventist Church
1105 Grant St (at Fairview Ave)
Niles, MI

Sabbath School: 9:30 a.m.
Church Service: 8:30 & 11 a.m.

May 31: Dr Joseph Kidder, Speaker

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Students Document Ice Festival; Build Community

What began as a class assignment for an Andrews University film documentary class has evolved into a lot more for students Kal Anglin and Jourdain Smith. They've discovered a love for the documentary film, and they see their short documentary about this year's St. Joseph Magical Ice Fest as a way to bring people and communities together.

Read the full story, featured in the Herald Palladium, by clicking the link below.

TED Attendee?

If you or someone you know (connected to Andrews University) has ever attended a TED Conference, please email

(Note: this is not to be confused with the Trans-European Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.)

Eau Claire Sabbath Service May 31, 2014

Eau Claire SDA Church
6562 Naomi Road
Eau Claire, MI 49111

Sabbath Speaker:  James and Kris Proctor
Sermon Title:  "Finally Home"
The miraculous story of adopting the last orphan out of Crimea.

Church Service 10:50 am
Sabbath School  9:15 am

Friday, May 23, 2014

Doctoral Defense

DOCTORAL DEFENSE: Friday, May 30, 2014 from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. in the Board Room, Room #307, in the Administrative Building. Jennifer Dabros will defend her dissertation in partial fulfillment for the PhD degree in Counseling Psychology. Jennifer Dabros’s dissertation title is, “The Influence That Ethnic Identiy Has on The Body Image of UndergraduateFemales Attending a Seventh-day Adventist University.” Those wishing to attend must make their request through Anna Piskozub, by calling 471-3109.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lamson Health Club Closed for Memorial Day Weekend

Lamson Health Club will be closed on Sunday & Monday, May 25 & 26 for the Memorial Day Holiday.

Week in Pictures

Fillable PDF Forms Training

For Faculty or Staff: 

Are you working on a project that requires developing a fillable PDF? Does your department have a form that you would like to make available online as a fillable PDF? Do you have any questions about the process of taking a Word document and converting it into a fillable PDF?

Join us on Thursday, June 5, from 10:00am-12:00pm for a training on Fillable PDF Forms.

To RSVP please send an email to and be sure to include your full name, ID#, email address, and the department of employment.

Book Drive for Zimbabwe!

Vimbo Zvandasara-Zhou, a recent graduate of Andrews University, is aiming to collect 1,000 books to donate to Solusi Elementary, High School, and University in Zimbabwe.

So far, approximately 400 books and educational resources have been collected! These books will be donated to the k-12 and university school community at Solusi, as well as the school's church.

If you have any new or gently used books, textbooks, or other educational resources, please e-mail Vimbo at or call (269) 473-3920 (leave a message mentioning that it is in regard to the book drive). If you live in the general Berrien Springs area, she is willing to arrange a pick up of the books.

Examples of things needed:



-Childrens books, novels, etc.


-Sabbath school materials

-School supplies

-Classroom teaching tools

-Educational magazines


This book drive will go through July 1st, but if you are interested in donating, contact Vimbo asap. 


phone: (269) 473-3920 (leave a message mentioning that it is in regard to the book drive)



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