Crop Production

More Americans are becoming aware that one of the most important sources of our well-being depends on the profitablity and sustainability of agriculture. The corn fields of the Midwest, the acres of cotton drying in the southern sun, the green pastures of the Northeast, and the wheat fields of the West do not just happen. They require hard work from the growers and input from experts in science and technology.

Crop production is the study of growing food, feed and fiber crops. Work in this field involves plants and all the problems that inhibit their development, including deseases, weeds and insects.  A degree in crop production will prepare you to cultivate grains, fruits, vegetables and other domesticated plant products.  Andrews University’s orchards, vineyard and gardens will allow you the opportunity to practice cultivation and harvesting, and to apply the principles of pest management and weed control that you learn in your courses. 

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