UPDATE: Audio files of the presentations now available

Arminianism and Adventism - a symposium celebrating our soteriological heritage. October 14-17, 2010. Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan.

Memory, Meaning & Faith partnered with the organizers of the Arminianism and Adventism Symposium to offer full summaries of plenary and selected breakout presentations on topics such as atonement, predestination, grace, free-will, and judgment.

Audio Presentations - Arminianism and Adventism Symposium Video Introduction - Arminianism and Adventism

In commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the Arminian Remonstrance, come discuss the Adventist understanding of salvation with its roots in 17th century Arminianism and in Wesleyan thought. Hear top scholars explore issues relating to a biblical understanding of human nature, free will, God’s grace, atonement and predestination.

  • Are we born sinners?
  • Are we justified by faith and works?
  • Was all humanity justified at the cross?
  • Was the atonement completed on the cross?

Andrews University Theological Seminary

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