UPDATE: Audio files of the presentations now available

Arminianism and Adventism - a symposium celebrating our soteriological heritage. October 14-17, 2010. Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan.

Why You Should Attend

ArminiusYou should attend this conference if you are interested in the following questions:

Arminianism: How are Arminianism and Adventism related to the Protestant Reformation?

Predestination: How should Christians preach about predestination for salvation through Jesus? Does predestination cause some to accept salvation and cause others to reject salvation?

Atonement: Did Jesus die for everyone or only for those who he knew would accept him by faith? Is the atoning death of Jesus a punishment for sin? Is it a moral influence?

Total Depravity: Can totally depraved sinners do good things? Are Christians totally depraved? Can sinners take the initiative to return to God without his grace?

Grace: Does God share his grace conditionally or unconditionally? Does God desire to save everyone? Can his saving grace be resisted?

Judgment: If God knows everything, will he judge the world? Will he judge Christians? Is the preaching of the judgment an essential part of the gospel?

Assurance: Is there compatibility between Christian assurance and the investigative judgment? How should we counsel Christians who have no assurance of salvation?

These and other important questions will be discussed at our symposium. You can’t afford to miss it!

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