Michigan Academy of Science Arts and Letters

Andrews Biologists Continue to Present at the Michigan Academy of Science Arts and Letters

On March 2, 2012, three faculty, five graduate students, and nine undergraduates from the Biology Department, and two faculty collaborators from the Math Department, presented the results of their research at the Michigan Academy of Science Arts and Letters annual meeting. Andrews University is one of thirty-four Colleges and Universities who are members of the Michigan Academy.  This year the conference was held at Alma College. In all, the group from Biology contributed one poster and thirteen oral presentations in a total of three sections including Geology, Zoology and Environmental Science/Ecology.  The Zoology section was chaired by Gordon Atkins, an AU Research Professor of Biology. 

Traveling together develops camaraderie.


The presentations by our students went very well. After the program, one attendee commented that our students were wonderful! Another asked if he could send some recruiting information in case any of our students were interested in Graduate Programs at their institution. Following a series of talks by Andrews students, which were professionally presented with excellent statistical analyses, one presenter was visibly unnerved and started his talk by bemoaning the fact that, for the second year in a row, he had been scheduled to follow these excellent presentations from AU!

In 2015, Andrews University will host the annual meeting of the Michigan Academy of Science Arts and Letters.

Presenters from the Department of Biology included faculty Gordon Atkins, James Hayward, and Tom Goodwin; graduate students Libby Megna, Brianna Payne, Amanda Sandler, Tori Steely, and Ashley Groeneweg; and undergraduate students Melissa McCormick, Andre Moncrieff, Lauren VanPutten, Kristin Chung, Esther Cha, Cristy Creighton, Lauren Martin, Sunny Kim, and Woo Jong Jang.

Co-authors of paper and poster presentations from the Department of Biology who could not attend were former graduate students Brooke Kisser and Jonathan Cowles and undergraduates, Ioana Danci, Johnny Ahn, and Matthew Chacko. Co-presenters with Department of Biology Faculty were Dr. Shandelle Henson and Dr. Lynelle Weldon, both from the Department of Mathematics.

Altogether there were 50 faculty and student presenters from Andrews University represented at the Michigan Academy of Science Arts and Letters annual meeting.

Shown here: Left to Right - Back Row:

Shandelle Henson, James Hayward, Gordon Atkins, Libby Megna, Ashley Groeneweg, Lauren Martin.

Front Row: Lauren Van Putten, Melissa McCormick, Kristin Chung, Cristy Creighton, and Esther Cha.


Dr. Gordon Atkins with two graduate presenters:

Tori Steely and Amanda Sandler.


About to enjoy a nice luncheon that was provided to those in attendance.