BA: Public Relations

Skills & Education: The BA in Public Relations teaches students the study and practice of relationship building and image making. The student learns to develop a awareness of audience and to communicate effectively with a variety of audiences using all types of media. A second major or minor is required.

Career Outlook: This program may prepare students for careers in speechwriting, event planning, health care public relations, government public affairs, sports public relations, employee affairs, marketing, or fundraising.

Prospective Courses: The public relations student takes the communication core, an upper division communication course in persuasion or group dynamics and leadership, media law and ethics, and all courses taught in public relations.

  • International Public Relations Emphasis
    This emphasis includes all of the above courses, plus political science, and anthropology courses. Requirements include participation in the Adventist Colleges Abroad program, the Student Missionary program, or a comparable overseas experience.  A second major or minor is not required for this degree. View suggested courses

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