Description of the Program


Participants must be at least 16 years of age and must acquire a student visa for entry into the United States. The application for Action America includes the information needed for the I-20. After receiving the I-20 document from Andrews University, the student will need to make an appointment with the American Consulate in the country of origin to apply for the visa.

Scheduled Sessions

All students participate in 30 hours a week of intensive language instruction which will include:

  • TOEFL preparation
  • Grammar, reading & writing
  • Listening, pronunciation & idioms
  • Interaction with native speakers
  • Instructional videos & games
  • Field trips
  • Institutional TOEFL

All students who fulfill program requirements will receive a certificate of completion.

Experiencing the American culture is also an integral part of the program. Out-of-class activities--designed for professionals as well as students--include:

  • Trips to Chicago
  • Opportunities to meet people from America & around the world
  • Sports events such as baseball and basketball
  • Theater & dining out
  • Shopping locally and in Chicago
  • Conversational training in everyday situations
  • Seasonal sports such as skiing & beach volleyball
Choices for Professionals

ACTION AMERICA also offers a variety of activities specially designed for professionals. These include:

  • Lectures on diverse topics
  • Tours of American organizations
  • Interviews with professionals
  • Visits to university classes (as available)
  • In-class, career-related assignments
Tailor-made Sessions

In addition to the regular schedule, ACTION AMERICA will design sessions at any time throughout the year based on the scheduling and curriculum needs of an organization. The group sessions must include 12 or more participants.

Those interested in tailor-made sessions should contact regarding session costs.


Group Sessions

ACTION AMERICA will negotiate the details of group sessions based on the specific needs of requesting organizations. The Professional Option includes classes and activities which promote language learning in the general professional area of participants. Communication skills will be enhanced through in-class assignments, interaction with American professionals, tours of local organizations and other career-related field trips.

The Cultural Option is offered for groups of students and professionals who wish to experience the American culture in addition to improving language skills. Groups may select the activities they prefer. (For further details on classes & cultural activities, please see program description.)


Tutorials are available throughout the year for individuals or small groups wishing to study for varied lengths of time. Participants may specify their preference on scheduling and focus of study.