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About Gymnics

About the Team
The Andrews University Gymnics is a 30-member team of sports acrobats. They combine difficult balancing stunts, complex pyramid building involving multiple transitions, progressive ground tumbling, teeterboard routines, handstand pressing on block stands and minitramp routines in a one-hour program.

The rich variety of the members' backgrounds and gymnastics experience contributes to team diversity, painting an accurate picture of the multicultural atmosphere found on the campus of Andrews University. The Gymnics are committed to building a quality program, working hard, and accomplishing new challenges as a team. The Andrews University Gymnics are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in acrosports and the reflection of Christ's character.

Not only are the Gymnics known for their fantastic performances on the gymnastics mat but also for their anit-drug assemblies and religious programming. The anti-drug assemblies contain thought-provoking skits and stories to help motivate kids of all ages not to use drugs and alcohol. A healthy lifestyle is a message the Gymnics effectively communicate  to audiences of any age.  Religious services held by the Gymnics are both inspiring and heartfelt. There are many talented team members who have  abilities in music, testimony, and drama to make the combination truly uplifting.

Gymnics represents a balance between being an example of what talents God has blessed us with and giving credit to the One who inspires us to fly through the air or sing from the stage.

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