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About Acrofest

In 1991 Coach Kalua and Andrews University hosted the first national sports acrobatic clinic for SDA schools. With clinicians that were competing at the top of their sport and traveling from all over the world, the first Acrofest gave gymnasts from all the United States and Puerto Rico a glance at worldclass sports acrobatic excellence. Combined with sports acrobatics was the Christ-centered theme of the event. Highlighting the incredible power a faith-based gymnastics team can have on audiences was impressed on the gymnasts and coaches throughout the clinic. By creating a non-competitive atmosphere, Coach Kalua helped establish opportunities for quality instruction and provided much-needed motivation toward a goal of skill education and team development within the SDA educational system.

More than 600 hundred gymnasts traveled thousands of miles to the first Acrofest in 1991. Over the years as the event has grown more diverse in the skills taught and has a greater impact on individual programs, attendance has swelled. Now over 30 teams attend every year and the number of coaches and gymnasts exceeds 1000!

Over the years Acrofest has been hosted by Kingsway College, Columbia Union College, Union College, Southwestern Adventist University and Southern Adventist University. From the "One Team/One Focus" Acrofest of Union College to the "Reflect His Image" Acrofest of Southern Adventist University, the annual Acrofest has become a highly anticipated event for students and coaches alike. Each host college or university highlights the vital importance of maintaining a spiritual influence in all aspects of a sports acrobatics team, and as a result, the positive impact from SDA sports acrobatics can be felt worldwide. From international mission trips to the Dominican Republic and the Philippines, mission trips to Chicago and San Francisco or local school campuses, SDA acrosports teams are making an impact.

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