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Studying at Andrews

Each student is assigned a faculty advisor who is the first resource to consult about questions or problems. The same advisor will work with an individual student from entry into college through graduation.

The advisor helps plan the student's academic schedule, although ultimately the student is responsible for understanding and fulfilling all the requirements for degrees listed in the Andrews University Bulletin. In addition, the advisor aids with petitions, class and test conflicts, resolution of other academic problems, and, when needed, directs the student to other campus resources. Students may also obtain graduate school and career information from the advisor.

Student Organizations
The department has chapters of both Phi Alpha Theta and Pi Sigma Alpha.

Phi Alpha Theta is the National History Honors Society.

Pi Sigma Alpha is the National Political Science Honors Society.

The Pre-Law Society plans activities to help students prepare for law school and better understand the legal profession. Contact Brent Geraty for further details.