Graduate Program

Admission requirements
  • A bachelor's degree with a major in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics, and a minimum GPA of 3.00 (B) in mathematics and science courses.
  • Completed the GRE General Exam for admission to regular student status. Completion of the GRE Subject Exam in one of the four areas of Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry or Physics is recommended.
  • Earned credit or demonstrated proficiency in the following prerequisites: CPTR125 or CPTR151; MATH141, 142, 240, 286; and two out of three year-long Mathematics and Science laboratory science courses: BIOL165, 166, CHEM131, 132 and PHYS241, 242, 271, 272. A student may be admitted with deficiencies in the above courses, but this exception requires the student to take additional credits beyond the minimum 32 credits required.
MS degree requirements
  1. Compliance with all standards as given in the Graduate Degree Academic Information section of the bulletin.
  2. Completion of a curriculum consisting of 32–40 credits approved by a supervising committee.
  3. Passing a comprehensive examination over two areas from among Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Core Courses
   MATH405 (3), IDSC526 (2)
   IDSC698 (1–3) may be repeated up to 6 credits,
   IDSC575 (1), undergraduate prerequisites* (0–8), and other courses
   recommended by the student’s committee.

Disciplinary Core
   For students choosing the Chemistry and/or Physics options: CHEM431,
   432 (6) and CHEM441, 442 (2) or PHYS411 (2.5) and PHYS430 (2.5)
   and PHYS481 (3),
* Up to 8 credits selected from among the prerequisites listed in the specific
   admission requirements are added to the minimum 32 credits for the degree.

Total MS degree credits required—32–40

  • The student must include at least 12 credits in each of the two disciplines selected for the degree.
  • A student must complete a minimum of 16 credits in courses numbered 500 and above.


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