In keeping with the command of the 3 Angels Messages, Evangelism Field School will engage in a public evangelism series in the fall of 2013. Pre-work and preparation begins now as we build relationships and prepare the field for the harvest God’s Spirit will bring.

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we sense an urgency to present the everlasting gospel to the city of Benton Harbor in 2013.  We feel compelled to join the world-church in responding to the call to minister to the cities.  This urgency has been shared with the pastors of Benton Harbor and together we are preparing now for a major evangelistic thrust in the fall of 2013. In order to accomplish this challenge, it will require prayer, planning and performance. 

The three stages of organic evangelism will help us organize ourselves, marshal our troops and achieve the goal God has set before us.

Cultivation—planting: Preparation of the soil is indispensible in the process of harvesting crops.  It is the same when preparing to harvest souls for the kingdom.  Pre-work is an essential step in order for our endeavors to have success.  An army of prayer warriors will be solicited to pray for the city of Benton Harbor beginning on December 15, 2013 at the Highland Avenue SDA Church.  It will be followed by prayer walking teams, Bible study enrollment, forming a community choir, assisting in building homes with Harbor Habitat, sponsoring a Summer Basketball league and many, many more community outreach programs in preparation for the Fall Crusade in 2013.

Harvesting: In the Fall of 2013 we will conduct a city-wide Evangelistic Series in Benton Harbor.  We will be joining the three churches in the city, Highland Ave.,Fairplain & its newest sister, Harbor of Hope, together as we present the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ.  It will be during this thrust that we will call men and women, boys and girls to join the ranks of the redeemed.

Multiplying: We will implement follow-up programs in each of the churches to help the new believers become fruit-bearing disciples for Jesus Christ.

Join us in this life-changing, city-transforming event for the City of Benton Harbor.  We need your help, participation and solicit your prayers and support.