NAD CM Convention

"We are the followers. He is the dance. Feel the rhythm, pass the motion, make some music. Get up and dance."*   

This year's NAD Campus Ministries Convention seeks to know the Way, first and only.  Our aim is not so much to draw closer to Him, rather to find ourselves as an echo of His heart beat.  An echo is "a lesser light" to "The Light" because it always follows.  So this year we will take first steps to affirm our identities as Followers of the One and Only Truth.  Embracing that a followership of Jesus Christ provokes us to change "business as usual" and breath Life into the world.

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Now Prepare to dance to the Rhythm of His heartbeat.

The schedule is here.

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*Sweet, Leonard (2012-01-03). I Am a Follower: The Way, Truth, and Life of Following Jesus (p. 4). Thomas Nelson.