The Andrews University Passion Play has become a cherished tradition among the local community, faculty, staff and students. The interactive experience combines the elements of drama, music and community involvement to celebrate Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection in a powerful way.

Plans for the inaugural Passion Play began in the fall of 2002 after campus leadership was inspired to bring the worldwide tradition of a dramatization of the Last Supper, Christ’s crucifixion, and resurrection to Andrews University’s campus. Since the first production, which took place in 2003, the Passion Play has become an integral part of the campus culture.

Each year, hundreds of students, staff, faculty and community members volunteer for this production. They work hard to include fresh elements and utilize local creative talent. For example, during the 2012 Passion Play, members of the Andrews University Gymnics team as well as other students choreographed the final resurrection scene set to an arrangement by music major Joshua Goines of “Revelation Song.” The Andrews University Symphony Orchestra provided the instrumentation for the song, which was sung by communication student Emily Ferguson.