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Share Forget what your Mom said about playing with matches. You’re not seven anymore. Strike that match, watch the flame consume the head and dare to wait as it moves, insistently, toward your thumb and forefinger. Sure, you could get burned. But playing it safe is not always best. Without risk, you never fully discover who you are—who you can be.

For Scott Krippayne, a respected, accomplished singer/songwriter, the days of playing it safe are over. After nine years in pursuit of his dream, with five albums and plenty of radio and critical success to mark the path, Scott threw away the rulebook. He and his wife, Katy, moved back home to Seattle, to reestablish their roots before their kids started school. There, Scott jumped off the ‘people pleaser’ bus. He started running with scissors, talking to strangers, base-jumping from tall buildings and touching breakable things in department stores (only some of which is true).

And perhaps the biggest risk of all, Scott Krippayne began playing with fire. The result—like an intricate crystal forged repeatedly in a fierce furnace—his 6th album Gentle Revolution shocks and surprises in its intensity, clarity and depth.”



Interview with Scott Krippayne 10.30.10
Conducted by Naomi Best

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Scott Krippayne

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