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Name Email Status Phone Number Works In
Trecartin, Alexander R. trecarta Student
Tross, Brandon E. tross Student
Ulangca, Randall S. randallu Student
Umlauf, Amanda R. umlauf Employee Faculty
SH 104
Unruh, Cassandra Le T. unruh Student
Valdez, Rolando valdezr Student
VanDenburgh, Carrie J. carriejv Student
VanDenburgh, David A. denburgh Student
(269)471-6187 Instructor MA 9-10 mo
AA 36
Vandenburgh, Erik P. erikv Student
VanderWaal, Benjamin E. vanderwb Student
Vanderwaal, Curtis J. vanderwa Employee (269)471-6005 Department Chair and Professor
Social Work
NH 011
VanderWaal, Michael J. michaelv Student
VanDerWesthuizen, Carel vanderwesthu Student
Varnell, Crandall K. Student
Vaz, Alexandre J. avaz Student
Vitug, Alexander M. vituga Student
Voigt, Alexander T. voigta Student
vonDorpowski, Brandon R. vondorpo Student
Walther, Sandra M. penz Student
Ward, Brandon M. brandonw Student
Watson, Brandon J. brandon Student
Welcome, Candace L. welcome Student
White, Amanda D. whitea Student
White, Brandon E. wbrandon Student
Whitlow, Amanda M. whitlowa Student
Williams, Chandra D. chandraw Employee

Wilson, Alexander N. alexanderw Student
Wineland, Serena B. winelans Student
Womack, Mandy R. womackm Student
Woodland, Dennis woody Employee (269)591-5030

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