Health Distance Courses

These Health courses are offered for credit by Andrews University, Oakwood University, and Washington Adventist University.  Andrews University manages the registration and provides the instruction and support for students. 

Andrews University

HLED 120V-901
Fit for Life

A balanced up-to-date coverage of all critical areas of wellness including physical fitness, nutrition, weight management and stress, as well as the principles of health according to the Bible and Ellen G. White will be studied. Practical tools will be given to help adopt and model healthier lifestyles.
Format: Interactive Online, Self-paced Online

Oakwood University

PE 211-911
Health Principles
(2 sem hours)
A practical study of the principles of healthful living, including a study of the basic physiological processes. The health instructions found in the writing of Mrs. E. G. White are given special emphasis.
Format: Self-paced Online



Washington Adventist University

HLSC 110-921
Healthier Living
(2 sem hours)
A study of the principles governing community and personal health, applying these to successful daily living. The course incorporates the Seventh-day Adventist philosophy of health as expressed in the writings of Ellen White.
Format: Format: Self-paced Online


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