College Credit for Academies: Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the level of academic rigor of these classes?
    The courses are developed by college professors to be taught at a college level for college credit.  They are rigorous and recommended only for high performing students.
  • How do we gauge if a student has the right skills for this class?
    To be eligible, students must be attending an English medium school, with a GPA of 3.0 or higher and recommended by the School.
  • Are the classes lecture-based?
    Some of the classes are lecture-based, some are more participatory – just as they are in the classroom.  In distance education, lecture-based classes may take a variety of forms.  Students may watch class-length video presentations or shorter lecture segments, interspersed with review sections. All courses, however, include some interaction with the teacher and among other students.
  • What is the level of interaction? How will this work?
    The level of interaction within a course varies from course to course and depends on the discipline.  There is at least one required live interactive session scheduled once a week.  Instructors also interact with students through email and chat, initiated by both instructor and students, as needed.  Instructors will be responsive to the circumstances of their students and schedule interactive sessions at times that best meet student circumstances.
  • Timeframe—when are the live meeting times? What is the turn around time for coursework?
    Timeframes will vary, and schedules are determined in collaboration between the instructor and student.  The instructor is sensitive to student needs and will schedule accordingly. Because these courses are interactive, teachers will provide feedback much as a teacher will provides it. Some will be immediate; some within a day; some will take a few days. Some may use Skype and/or Adobe Connect depending on the assignment.
  • Syllabi?
    Courses have syllabi and will be available soon through the Andrews course schedule.
  • How does the Christian perspective factor into these classes?
    All classes are created, developed, and taught by experienced Christian teachers who are Seventh-day Adventists in good standing.  Therefore, the courses are built upon a Christian worldview. The principles of the Seventh-day Adventist faith  and learning are integrated into the lessons as they would be in any Adventist classroom.  
  • Why is Communication only open to seniors?
    The Communication Department at Andrews University sets a high standard for this course, which is a lynchpin for the General Education program. It is generally the case that juniors have a full schedule fulfilling graduation requirements and to make room for this time intensive course would not be wise.

For more information, visit the College Credit for High Schools webpage.

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