Religion (BA)

The Bachelor of Arts in Religion major is designed as a liberal arts major, especially suited for adults who come to a desire to contribute to Adventist ministry after a career in another field. It may also prepare students to become Bible workers or Bible teachers, but it is not designed to be the avenue for a young student whose first career is the ministry. However, adult students with experience working in the local church may use this degree for entry into the seminary or the MCM and MPM programs offered by many Seventh-day Adventist institutions.

Program Objectives:

  •     Students will reflect on issues of faith within the framework of a Seventh-day Adventist community
  •     Students will articulate their own convictions, share their convictions with others, and explain the biblical foundations of their convictions
  •     Students will demonstrate an ability to use the principles of biblical interpretation necessary for personal growth, ministry, and continuing education in ministry
  •     Students will demonstrate the ability to do research and use information garnered from research
  •     Students will comprehend and explain the principles of Christian faith and the doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
  •     Students will demonstrate an understanding of the writings and ministry of Ellen G. White and the global mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
  •     Students will demonstrate a commitment to nurturing community through regular worship and participation in a local church organization
  •     Students will trace the great controversy through biblical times to the ultimate conclusion in last-day events.

The religion major requires a minimum of 120 semester hours, including a minimum of 36 hours from 300- and 400-level courses. All religion majors must complete a senior project or paper under the direction of a faculty member before graduation.

This program was offered by Griggs University. No longer accepting new students.

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