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:: 2012 :: August
July 8
8:30am TESOL Certification Program ICS
9am 2012 Action America Teen Griggs ICS
July 9
8:30am TESOL Certificate Program Begins CAS ICS
July 15
9am Registration Central Financial Plan Open Academic Administration ICS
July 22
7am Terrace Cafe Hours 7/22-8/5 ICS
July 29
8am-8pm Korean Campmeeting ICS
9am 2012 Korean Campmeeting MH ICS
August 2
7:30pm Graduation Rehearsal ICS
August 3
11am Ethics Oath Ceremony School of Business Administration ICS
8pm Consecration Service ICS
August 4
11:20am Baccalaureate Church Service ICS
4pm-5:30pm Special graduation services ICS
8:30pm Graduation Vespers ICS
9:15pm President's Reception ICS
August 5
8am Library Intersession Hours ICS
9am Natural Remedies and Hydrotherapy ICS
9am Commencement ICS
August 6
5am-5pm Campus-wide Steam Outage ICS
8am-5pm CYE Closed August 6-8 ICS
August 13
9am-5pm Bookstore Closed ICS
August 14
8:30am-4:30pm New Faculty Orientation Seminar Academic Records ICS
August 15
10am-(noon) Celebrating Mary Jane Cunnington ICS
August 16
8am University Faculty Official Start Academic Records ICS
8:15am-12:30pm Faculty Institue Academic Administration ICS
4:30pm State of the University ICS
August 17
Fall Fellowship Integrated Marketing & Communication ICS
12:30pm A Healthy U Lunch and Exercise ICS
6pm Fall Fellowship Corn Roast ICS
8pm Fall Fellowship Vespers ICS
August 18
10:30am Fall Fellowship Sabbath School ICS
11:45am Worship Service ICS
1pm Fall Fellowship Sabbath Lunch ICS
5pm PMC Family Vespers Pioneer Memorial Church ICS
August 19
9am-5pm First Stop for New Students ICS
9am-8am Lend-A-Hand Move In ICS
9am-6pm New Students: First Stop Student Life ICS
6pm-8pm Ice Cream Connection Event ICS
8pm-9pm Honors Freshman Rally ICS
August 20
8am-10:50am Math Placement Exam Review ICS
8:30am-9am Continental Breakfast for Parents ICS
8:30am-9pm Transfer and International Students ICS
8:30am-5pm New International Students Orientation Student Life ICS
9am-5pm FIRST STOP Open ICS
9:30am-11am Parent Conversation ICS
11:15am-12:30pm New Student and Parent Convocation ICS
2pm-5:30pm Math Placement Exam ICS
2pm-5:30pm First-Year Testing ICS
5:30pm-7pm Leadership Program Reception ICS
8pm-11pm Residence Hall Orientations ICS
8pm-9:30pm Community Life Orientation ICS
August 21
9am-10am Breakfast with Advisors ICS
10am-(noon) Department Orientation and Advising ICS
1pm-5pm Individual Advising ICS
1pm-5pm Library Introductions ICS
7:30pm-9pm Student Life Assembly ICS
August 22
8:30am-10:20am Freshman Immigration Guidelines Session ICS
8:30am-11:30am English Proficiency Test ICS
10:30am-11:45am Student Success Assembly ICS
1pm-4pm Faculty: Individual School Meetings Academic Records ICS
2:30pm-3:45pm Student Wellness Assembly ICS
3pm Seminary: New Student Orientation SEM ICS
4pm-5pm Transfer Students Seminar ICS
6:30pm-9pm Family Group Kick-Off ICS
August 23
9am New Undergraduate Students: All Fired Up Student Life ICS
9:30am-4:30pm All Fired Up Is Hot ICS
2:30pm Doctoral Defense: Enrique Baez ICS
7:30pm-9pm 321 Improv Comedy ICS
August 24
9:30am-2:45pm All Fired Up Burns Brighter ICS
5pm-8pm New Student Suppers ICS
7:30pm University Vespers Campus Ministries ICS
August 26
(noon)-5pm Registration of New Students Student Life ICS
6pm-7:30pm All Fired Up Barbecure ICS
7pm Opening Night 2012! Howard Performing Arts Center ICS
August 27
7:30am Classes Begin Student Life ICS
9am-5pm Last day to register without a fee Student Life ICS
11am-1pm Dissertation Defense ICS
7pm-10pm Gymnics Tryouts ICS
August 28
12:30pm-7pm Get Your CAST Photo Taken ICS
7pm-10pm Gymnics Tryouts ICS
August 30
10:30am-(noon) University Convocation Student Life ICS
August 31
8:55am-9:15am CLASS OF 2014 AND 2015 ELECTIONS Andrews Academy ICS
10am-(noon) Dissertation Defense ICS
7:30pm-10pm University Vespers ICS
7:30pm-9pm University Vespers Campus Ministries ICS
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