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:: 2013 :: March :: week number 4
January 25
4pm-5pm A Drawing Class for Adults and Kids! ICS
March 24
7:11pm-10pm Operation Blueprint ICS
March 25
12:30pm-2pm Escape from the Black Hole ICS
5pm Used Book Sale James White Library ICS
March 29
8:55am-9:15am ADVISOR DEVOTIONS Andrews Academy ICS
7:30pm-9pm University Vespers ICS
8:45pm-10pm AU Improv Afterglow ICS
March 30
9am-10:15am Pioneer Memorial Church First Service Pioneer Memorial Church ICS
10am-11:15am One Place Worship Campus Ministries ICS
10:30am-11:30am PIoneer Memorial Church Sabbath School Pioneer Memorial Church ICS
11:30am New Life Fellowship Campus Ministries ICS
11:45am-1pm Pioneer Memorial Church Second Service Pioneer Memorial Church ICS
7pm-8:30pm Comedy Night ICS
8:30pm-10pm Easter Choral Concert ICS
March 31
(noon)-7pm International Food Fair ICS
4pm-6pm Andrews University Music Competition ICS
7pm-9pm University Towers Open House Student Life ICS
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