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April 8
8am-3am Library Exhibit James White Library ICS
May 5
7pm AA Choir & Strings Spring Concert ICS
May 6
11:59pm Spring Semester Grades ICS
May 7
8:30am-3pm New Employee Orientation Human Resources ICS
7pm Instrumental Spring Concert ICS
May 9
0:01am-11:59pm Guernsey National Holiday ICS
9am-10:15am Pioneer Memorial Church First Service Pioneer Memorial Church ICS
10am One Place Worship ICS
10:30am-11:30am Pioneer Memorial Church Sabbath School Pioneer Memorial Church ICS
11:45am-1pm Pioneer @ Worship Two Pioneer Memorial Church ICS
May 10
0:01am-11:59pm Micronesian National Holiday ICS
8:30am SEM: New Student Orientation ICS
May 11
Moratorium week ICS
8:30am-4am Course Tune-Up Workshop for Faculty School of Distance Education ICS
9am Summer Term 1 Classes begin ICS
9am Summer Term 1 ICS
May 12
7pm AA Band & Bells Spring Concert ICS
11:55pm Late Registration Fee in Effect ICS
11:55pm Last Day for Summer Grad Application ICS
May 13
4pm-9am Andrews Research Conference (ARC) School of Graduate Studies & Research ICS
5pm Last Day to Make Summer Changes ICS
7pm Choral Spring Concert ICS
May 14
0:01am-11:59pm Israel National Holiday ICS
0:01am-11:59pm Paraguay National Holiday ICS
11:55pm Drop/Add Fee in Effect ICS
May 15
8:30am SEM: Challenge Exam ICS
11:55pm Admissions Application Deadline ICS
May 16
9am Pioneer At Worship First Service ICS
10am One Place Worship ICS
11:45am Pioneer At Worship Second Service ICS
May 17
0:01am-11:59pm Norwegian National Holiday ICS
May 20
0:01am-11:59pm Cameroon National Holiday ICS
May 22
AA: Graduation Weekend ICS
Last day of school ICS
0:01am-11:59pm Yemen National Holiday ICS
May 23
9am Pioneer At Worship ICS
10am One Place Worship ICS
11:45am Pioneer At Worship ICS
May 24
0:01am-11:59pm Berumda National Holiday ICS
May 25
Memorial Day ICS
0:01am-11:59pm Jordan National Holiday ICS
0:01am-11:59pm Argentina National Holiday ICS
0:01am-11:59pm Eritrea National Holiday ICS
May 26
AA: Post-Week ICS
0:01am-11:59pm Georgian National Holiday ICS
May 28
0:01am-11:59pm Ethiopian National Holiday ICS
0:01am-11:59pm Azerbaijan National Holiday ICS
7pm RMES: Graduation ICS
May 29
RMES: Last day of school ICS
0:01am-11:59pm Nepalese National Holiday ICS
May 30
0:01am-11:59pm Anguilla National Holiday ICS
9am Pioneer At Worship ICS
9am Pioneer At Worship ICS
10am One Place Worship ICS
11:45am Pioneer At Worship ICS
June 1
0:01am-11:59pm Samoan National Holiday ICS
June 2
0:01am-11:59pm Italian National Holiday ICS
11:55pm Last Day to Change from Credit to Audit ICS
June 5
0:01am-11:59pm Denmark National Holiday ICS
5pm Summer Term 1 Last day of classes ICS
11:55pm Summer Term 1 Ends ICS
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