Lesson 3

If more than one item is listed in the catalog for an author, you will see a list like this:

  Author Result List

Click on a title to see more information. For this example we'll use The Popcorn Report. Click the above image in the title area. The first screen you will see is the Brief Record. For complete information including subject headings you will need to click on the Full Record tab.

The record screen is divided into two parts. The top portion provides a place to start a new search and commands for other functions. The second section of the record screen provides detailed information about the item.

catalog record

From the Full Record screen we can learn the title of the book, who published it, its size, whether it has illustrations or a bibliography, and what subjects it covers. Notice that the author and subjects are links. These links can be used to find more items by the same author and other items on the same topic. The record also tells us where the item is located in the library, what its call number is, and whether it is currently available.


Click the Start Over button (on the above image) to learn how to do a title search.

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