Lesson 3

To show how to effectively search the library catalog.

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Getting Started

The Library Catalog contains records describing the holdings of the James White Library (JWL). JWL owns books, periodicals, video recordings and other audio-visual materials. Individual articles found in the periodicals are not described or searchable in the Library Catalog. (See Lesson 5 for more information on locating articles.)

To search the Library Catalog by title, author, keyword, subject heading, periodical title, or standard number, use the menu and search box on the left side of the JWL home page. For additional search options, click on Library Catalogs (words or image).

There are two ways to access the Library Catalog:

Method 1
Method 2

Select an option from menu on the left side of the homepage.


Click Library Catalogs.


Then enter the appropriate search terms and click Go.

Then click Library Catalog (JeWeL).

The following pages provide further instruction on searching by author, title, keyword, and subject heading.


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