Lesson 8

Licensing and the Economics of InformationLegal contract

As you saw on the previous page, information does not come free. It also comes with rules and stipulations regarding its use.

A library or any other entity which subscribes to an online database must sign a legal agreement called a license which dictates the rules regarding use of the database. These rules usually include who may use the database and how many people may use it at one time

In addition, the number of potential users allowed by the license determines how much the library must pay for its subscription.

At Andrews University anyone may use the databases to which we subscribe while using a computer in the Library or in a computer lab on campus. However, use of our databases off campus is restricted to students and employees of Andrews University. If you are accessing our databases from home or another place outside of the campus, you will be asked for a user name and password to identify yourself. Your user name and password are the same ones you use for your Andrews University email account. If you have any problems see: Using the Library's Services from Off-Campus.


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