Lesson 5

Locating an Item in the Library

Once you have a list of citations or results you will want to locate the text of the article. If you are searching in a full-text database, the text of the article will appear with the citation.

If the database you are searching does not provide the full-text of the article, you will need to locate the journal (or book if it is an essay or chapter) in the library or in another full-text database.

Here are the options:
chapter or essay in a book1. Search the Library Catalog for the book.
2. If the book is not in the Library Catalog, you may request it through Interlibrary Loan using MelCat or WorldCat.
article in a journal Identify the source journal title and check for it in the Periodicals A-Z list found on the library's homepage. If it is on this list it is available either a physical or electronic format.

For a shortcut to locating the article in the library open a second browser window. This can be done by typing the key combination Ctrl-N or by clicking File followed by New Window.

new window

On the library's homepage, click Find Articles and then Periodicals A-Z.

fulltext journal

You now see the beginning of the James White Library's master list of journal titles. Some of these titles the library receives in physical copies, some are available electronically. To look for a particular journal type its title in the search box or click on the letter its title begins with (ignore a, an, and the).

For practice, search for Jama, Journal of the American Medical Assocation. key and alphabet

Click on J.


JAMA is subscribed to by the James White Library. Notice that the physical copy is available in the James White Library Print Holdings and issues from 1998 to the present are available electronically from EBSCOhost. Clicking on James White Library Print Holdings will take you to the library catalog record describing this journal (not linked in the above image). Clicking on EBSCOhost EJS will take you to a Web site which provides the fulltext for that journal. If your article is dated January 1998 or after you should be able to find it there.


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