Lesson 5

Logging on

The first step to logging on to a database is to locate the database. At the James White Library this is done by clicking the List All Databases link on the homepage.

If you know the name of the database you want, click Alphabetical List of Online Resources. If you don't know the name, choose Subject Guides and then locate your subject area.

Database Access

Once you have located the database you wish to use, click on the title. Clicking on the title will take you to the basic search screen in some databases, in other databases you will be asked to click a button which says login, proceed, enter or something similar.

Passwords for Off-Campus Access to Restricted Databases

If you are accessing databases from off campus which are restricted to Andrews students and staff (indicated by the blue A as seen above), you will need to enter your user name and password in the box the pops up at this point. See the Off-Campus Students web page for more information.


Proceed or

In some cases you may have to select the database you wish to search a second time once you are inside of the search interface.


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