Lesson 3

Records for several items may be sent to your email account, saved to a storage device, or printed. To create a group of records, click in the box of the records you want from a list and then click the Save Marked Records bar at the top or bottom of the screen.

Then click the View Saved button.


To email the catalog records to your email account, select Full Display and E-Mail. Then type your email address in the box and click Submit. To save the catalog records to a storage device, select Full Display and Local Disk. Then click Submit (on the image).


  Click Save.


In the Save As dialog box, select the drive from the menu at the top, enter your title for the document in the File Name box and select Text Document text from the menu at the bottom of the box. If Text Document is not an option, choose All Files and type .txt after the file name. Then click Save.

To continue this lesson, click the right arrow.

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