The Library Primer
tutorial evaluation

eval-u-ate v : to determine the significance, worth, or condition of by careful appraisal and study

Improving our library instruction program is a never ending goal. We would appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to thoughtfully fill out and submit this electronic form. Your comments and suggestions will be taken seriously. This evaluation is anonymous. Thank you!

What is your academic status?

Which lesson(s) are you evaluating? To select more than one adjacent lesson hold down the "Shift" key while clicking on the title with the mouse.

Select one answer for each of the following statements:

The lesson(s) were helpful. I agree Neutral I disagree

The instructions were clear. I agree Neutral I disagree

The lesson(s') objective(s) were met. I agree Neutral I disagree

I would recommend these lessons to friends. I agree Neutral I disagree

Please tell us why you chose the above answers. Feel free to share any other comments or suggestions you have. Be as specific as possible. Be sure to tell us to which lesson a specific comment refers. Comments regarding the Library Primer only, please.