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Manuscript Collections

The Center holds over 260 collections of personal papers of individuals prominent in the SDA Church and its work. These collections often include correspondence, topical files, lecture and sermon notes, research material, publications, photographs, reports, and many other types of material. All of the collections available for research use are shown below. All have a printed register, which is an information and user guide to the collections. These online registers require Adobe Acrobat software to view.

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Manuscript Collection Page  

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Ballenger/Mote Papers
(81 boxes)
A.F. and E.S. Ballenger were outspoken critics of Ellen White and the Seventh-day Adventist Church. They maintained a long-standing effort to discredit White and the Church. Donald Mote was their successor. This collection is their entire office file.

Ballenger / Calvin Edwards Collection
(1 box)
This is a collection of articles by A. F. Ballenger centered on the law in Galatians and Ephesians as well as articles documenting his activities for several years, especially his time in Europe.

Battle Creek College and Emmanuel Missionary College Minutes (8 boxes)
These are the various minutes which have been preserved from the days of Battle Creek College and the early days of Emmanuel Missionary College. It may be that some of these may be restricted access.

Battle Creek Sanitarium Papers (16 boxes)
The Battle Creek Sanitarium was the most prominent Seventh-day Adventist institution for many years. It weathered fires, doctrinal disputes, and ownership battles. However, the Great Depression of 1929 and following proved its undoing. This collection documents the last days of the Sanitarium through the legal papers presented at the bankruptcy proceedings of the 1930s.

William E. Baxter, Sr. and Jr. (1.67 linear feet).
Both Baxter’s were missionaries to what is now the Inter-American Division. William senior is associated with the “discovery” of the Davis Indians of Guyana. William junior is know as a pioneering missionary pilot. Both men kept diaries which form the bulk of this collection.

C. Warren Becker Collection (42 linear feet).
Warren Becker is one of the more influential church musicians of the last half of the 20th century. He was long time professor of music and organist at Andrews Univeristy. This collection contains personal material, writings, including his collaboration with noted organ scholar, Harold Gleason, and Becker's personal music library.

Franklin E. Belden Collection (1 box)
Belden was arguably the most talented song writer in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He was responsible for a sizeable number of hymn and songbooks. Unfortunately he and the Church disagreed over certain publishing issues in the early years of the 1900s. This collection has some of his correspondence from 1882 to 1942.

Bond Family (1 box)
Frank and Walter Bond were pioneer missionaries to Spain. The collection documents some of their experiences through correspondence and other documentation.

Bordoville, Vermont Church Records
(3 boxes)
The SDA Church in Bordoville (now Enosburgh), Vermont, is one of the oldest churches in the denomination. The church records date from 1861 to 1952.

Uriah Smith / Mark Bovee Collection
(24 boxes)
Uriah Smith was a leading pioneer Adventist, serving for many years as the editor of the Review and Herald and a Bible teacher at Battle Creek Collge. Mark Bovee is Smith’s grandson. The collection includes large amounts of Smith family correspondence and other family memorabilia such as photographs. There is also a large amount of documentation on Adventist church history compiled by Mark Bovee.

Boulder (Colorado) Adventist Church History Collection (2 boxes)
This collection documents the history of the Boulder Church, especially the early years.

W. H. Branson Collection (2 boxes)
Branson was a church administrator in various locations around the world ending with the General Conference presidency. This collection consists of his sermon notes.

Sidney Brownsberger Family Papers (3 boxes)
Includes correspondence, journals, manuscripts, letters written by Ellen White to Sidney Brownsberger, and some manuscripts concerning or by Ellen White.

Seventh-day Adventist School Bulletins
This extensive collection contains microfilm copies of school bulletins for North American SDA colleges and academies, plus many overseas schools. In many cases the series includes the first bulletins for the school and continues to the mid 1980s.

Byington-Amadon Diaries (1 box)
This collection includes 42 diaries from four members of this family, including John Byington, first president of the General Conference (no diaries for the years of his presidency), and George W. Amadon.

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