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Manuscript Collections

The Center holds over 260 collections of personal papers of individuals prominent in the SDA Church and its work. These collections often include correspondence, topical files, lecture and sermon notes, research material, publications, photographs, reports, and many other types of material. All of the collections available for research use are shown below. All have a printed register, which is an information and user guide to the collections. These online registers require Adobe Acrobat software to view.

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Manuscript Collection Page  

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Percy T. Magan Collection (1 box)
Magan was a leader in education reform at Battle Creek College and Emmanuel Missionary College. He later went on to co-found Madison College and serve in leadership roles at the College of Medical Evangelists. This collection has some of his correspondence for 1902 and 1903, during the formative years of EMC.

Mansell-Armageddon Collection (8 boxes)
This is the research materials for Donald Mansell's book on Armageddon and the King of the North. Contains photocopies of all articles and book portions which mention these terms from pre-Millerite times to the early 1970s.

Frank Lewis Marsh Papers (1 box)
This collection includes manuscripts, articles, family biographical information, and some correspondence. Marsh was a leading proponent of a creationist position on the origin of the earth. Includes correspondence between Marsh and Theodosius Dobzhansky and George McCready Price.

Iola Martin (Norman Douty) Collection (1 box)
Much of this collection centers on the life and writings of Dudley M. Canright, including biographical material.

Charles R. MacIvor Papers (26 boxes)
MacIvor was associated with John Kellogg as a business acquaintance and a friend. The collection is largely MacIvor’s research and manuscripts for his book on Kellogg, The Lord’s Physician.

James L. McElhany Papers (18 boxes)
This collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, sermons, and various records related to the SDA Church.

The Midnight Cry Video Production (3.8 linear feet).
This is all the materials which went into the production of the high quality, academically credible film documentary about William Miller and Millerism and its place in American religious history. It was produced for the 150th anniversary of the 1844 Great Disappointment. Included are correspondence, finances, scripts, images, and everything else that went into the production.

Harry Miller Collection (4 boxes)
The "China Doctor." Miller is closely connected with Seventh-day Adventist medial work in China. He is also associated with work in utilizing the soy bean as a food source. This collection contains some of Miller's writings as well as many of his awards and certificates along with photographs.

William Miller Collection (2 boxes)
This collection includes biographical materials as well as a couple of original letters. Also included are some Miller artifacts and some from the family.

J. Ernest Monteith Papers (8 boxes)
This collection documents the history of the SDA Church in Canada.

Jerry A. Moon Collection
(1 box)
Moon is a professor in the Andrews University Theological Seminary. This collection consists of much of the research source material for his dissertation, William Clarence (W. C.) White : his relationship to Ellen G. White and her work.

Raymond S. Moore Collection
(8 boxes)
Moore is best known for his work on early childhood education. This collection contains documents relating to Moore’s work with the Federal government on interinstitutional cooperation (consortia in higher education) and manuscripts for his books on early childhood education.

Ballenger/Mote Papers (81 boxes)
A.F. and E.S. Ballenger were outspoken critics of Ellen White and the Seventh-day Adventist Church. They maintained a long-standing effort to discredit White and the Church. Donald Mote was their successor. This collection is their entire office file.

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