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Seminary New England Adventist Heritage Tour 2005

August 14-21, 2005, the Center and the Theological Seminary are conducting a New England Adventist History Tour that will be led by Jerry Moon and Merlin Burt. This tour allows seminary students to earn academic credit and provides a rich opportunity to connect with Adventist heritage.

Ellen White and Current Issues Symposium

On April 4, 2005, the Center hosted the first “Ellen White and Current Issues Symposium” in the chapel of the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary. We are right now in the process to publish the papers of the symposium. The booklet will be probably available at the end of July.



First Publication in the Heritage Treasures Series

Our first publication in the Heritage Treasures Series is now available. We have an original copy in our vault of the 24 page tract by William Foy entitled, The Christian Experience of William E. Foy Together with the Two Visions He Received in the Months of Jan. and Feb. 1842. This tract was published in Portland, Maine in 1845. Our plan is to publish two tracts a year in the Heritage Treasures Series. We are considering publishing the Hiram Edson manuscript next fall. These beautifully printed tracts will be treasured by those who appreciate Adventist history.

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