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The most popular service that SAIL provides is a book ordering service. SAIL orders books from several suppliers including one or two deep-discount book distributors. The savings are passed on to member libraries.

Delivery times are greatly reduced by libraries who use the SAIL book ordering service. Some libraries have reported that SAIL orders can arrive in three months compared with 18 or 24 months when they use local suppliers.

Payment and shipping charges are deducted from the deposit account. SAIL charges a small handling fee for this service


Currently the SAIL office handles periodical subscriptions for six member libraries. This service includes placing orders, payment, check-in, renewals, claiming of missing issues and bulk mailing of journals to the libraries.

SAIL is able to secure all US periodicals at domestic subscription rates which means considerable savings to member libraries. SAIL charges a small handling fee for this service.


Donations of current, used textbooks in good condition are always arriving at the SAIL office. These books are sorted and shelved and lists of free books are produced quarterly and sent to member institutions by mail as well as being posted on the SAIL website.

Visiting librarians and administrators from member institutions are invited to personally select and pack boxes of free books to take home to their libraries.

Shipping costs are deducted from the deposit account.

Free Book List

UpdatedSeptember 11, 2012