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History / Political Science
  • 1964 - present Andrews Students 
  • Indexes 2,100 U.S. and Canadian periodicals
  • 16,000 citations are added each year
  • Citations to book reviews from approximately 140 major journals of American history and culture, and relevant dissertations
  • 16,000 new citations are added each year
  • How to search EBSCO
  • 1984 - present Andrews Students 
  • indexes 600 periodicals, book reviews, interviews, obituaries and more
  • Full-text of articles from nearly 250 journals as far back as 1995
  • Updated monthly
  • How to search OCLC
  • Last 5 years only = Full-text Andrews Students 
  • Indexes 924 journal titles and over 221,000 individual issues on 15 subjects totaling over 29 million pages of text.
  • How to search JSTOR
  • 1990 - present Andrews Students 
  • Indexes 12,500 journals
  • Updated daily
  • How to search OCLC
  • 1988 - present; Full-text Andrews Students 
  • :Access to five million searchable documents from more than 40,000 legal, news and business sources
  • Subjects
  • 1981 - Andrews Students 
  • Indexes 925 periodicals, yearbooks, government publications
  • Updated monthly
  • How to search OCLC
  • 1976 - present Andrews Students 
  • Indexes 522,000 records
  • Includes Congressional reports, hearings, debates, records, as well as any documents released by the following U.S. government departments: Defense, State, Labor, and Office of the President
  • Updated monthly
  • How to search OCLC
  • 1995 - Andrews Students 
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Indexes 1,620 periodicals, books, past research, proceedings
  • Tables of contents, abstracts, bibliographic information
  • Access from more than 7,000 relevant, evaluated web sites
  • How to search ISI
  • Full-text Andrews Students 
  • Sources start at 1400
  • Human Relations Area Files
  • Full-text sources on almost 400 cultures worldwide
  • Organized into cultures or traditions, ethnic and indigenous groups.
  • How to search :hraf
  • Abstracts from 1994; Indexing from 1983 Andrews Students 
  • 750,000 plus records and 47,000+ records added annually from more than 518 international periodicals in the English language.
  • Updated: monthly
  • Includes articles, interviews, obituaries, biographies, and book reviews
  • Covers areas such an anthropology, criminology, economics, law, geography, policy studies, psychology, sociology, social work, and urban studies.
  • How to search OCLC
  • Full-text of 25,000
  • EEBO works Andrews Students 
  • Every work printed in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and British North America and works in England printed elsewhere from 1473-1700
  • About 100,000 of over 125,000 titles
  • Subject areas including: English Literature, history, philosophy, linguistics, theology, music, fine arts, education, mathematics, and science
  • The Thomason Tracts include more than 22,000 individual items. Includes almost 400 periodicals, most of them unavailable from other sources
  • 1963 - current Andrews Students 
  • Updated monthly, with approx 30,000 added per year
  • Over 900,000 records.
  • Abstracts and Indexes the international literature in sociology and related disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences, including culture and social structure, demography and human biology, economic development, women's studies, etc.
  • Draws abstracts and citations from over 1,800 periodicals.
  • Provides abstracts of books, book chapters, dissertations, and conference papers.
More than 30,000 titles from 13th Century through 1923. Series 1: Provides an in-depth view of the way that interest in, and knowledge of, biblical languages emerged during the nineteenth century. Series 2: Presents a comprehensive picture of religion in America at the turn of the century. Andrews Students 
More than 30,000 titles from 13th Century through 1923. Series 1: Provides an in-depth view of the way that interest in, and knowledge of, biblical languages emerged during the nineteenth century. Series 2: Presents a comprehensive picture of religion in America at the turn of the century. Andrews Students 
Andrews Students 
Andrews Students 
Andrews Students 
Andrews Students 
Andrews Students 
general Andrews Students 
Andrews Students 
OATD aims to be the best possible resource for finding open access graduate theses and dissertations published around the world. Metadata (information about the theses) comes from over 600 colleges, universities, and research institutions. OATD currently indexes over 1.5 million theses and dissertations.
Online Full-text books in a wide range of subjects Andrews Students 
Publisher's Journal Indexes
  • Full-text Andrews Students 
  • 54,000 on-line articles from 30 journals and 900 proceedings of the Association for Computing Machinery, Free bibliography, some abstracts
  • Journals - Magazines - Transactions - Proceedings - Newsletters - Publications by Affiliated Organizations - Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
  • 1995 - -
  • Full text
  • Over 250 Journals indexed
  • Multi-disciplinary journal collection
  • Andrews Students 
  • 1910 - Present; Full-text Andrews Students 
  • 29 Journals published by SAGE and participating societies
  • Encompasses over 62,700 articles
  • Full-text Andrews Students 
  • Online collection of over e1,200 peer-reviewed journals and 25 book series
  • Interactive databases for high-quality STM journals, book series, books, reference works, and the Online Archives Collection
  • Architecture and Design; Behavioral Science; Biomedical and Life Sciences; Business and Economics; Chemistry and Materials Science; Computer Science; Earth and Environmental Science; Engineering; Humanities; Social Sciences and Law; Mathematics and Statistics; Medicine; Physics and Astronomy; Professional and Applied Computing
  • Full-text Andrews Students 
  • Indexes over 1,400 journals
  • Engineering, Computing and Technology
  • Health Sciences
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Life and Physical Sciences
  • Food Science and Technology
  • Medicine, Humanities, Philosophy, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Social Work,
  • Business, Economics, Finance and Accounting
  • Education
Internet Resources
Number in brackets is the linkrank. The lower the number the more popular.
AAAS - History & Archives [757]
American Folklife Center: [854]
American Museum of Natural History [895]
American Society of Church History [700]
archive of primary documents [916]
Born in Slavery: Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers' Project, 1936-1938 [254]
Center for Disease Control and Prevention [741]
Resources in Health, nursing, and medicine
The Center for History of Physics [897]
Code of Federal Regulations [153]
The Complete Published Ellen G. Writings [25]
Full text database of the published writings of an important Seventh-day Adventist pioneer and thought leader.
Constitution Finder [798]
Consumer Price Indexes [405]
business / economics, statistics / demographics
Cyndi's List [679]
Popular site for genealogy researchers
De Re Militari: The Society for Medieval Military History [411]
Democratic National Committee [828]
Directory of Open Access Journals [289]
Early Journal Content on JSTOR [235]
Free access to JSTOR content published before 1923 (USA) and 1870 (outside USA)
Electoral College [102]
How the electoral college works
Embassies - Consulates - Diplomatic Missions [588]
Encyclopedia Astronautica [419]
A comprehensive reference for the history of spaceflight
FactCheck.org: Annenberg Political Fact Check [850]
FindLaw Court Forms [312]
For legal professionals
FindLaw.com [216]
Legal resources for professionals, businesses, students, and individuals
Food History News [782]
Gallica [1416]
Gallica has a broad range of materials from pre-copyright, back to the 15th century.
Government of Canada [862]
Government Printing Office (G P O ) [991]
H - NET [722]
Harlem History [519]
HealthFinder [89]
History and Politics Out Loud [673]
History of Medicine [807]
History Topics Index [1527]
Infomine [156]
Infomine is a nationally recognized virtual library containing expert-selected and described links to the most useful of Internet resources for the academic and learning communities.
Internet Law Library [1227]
Laws, forms, and legal directories
John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising, and Marketing History [870]
Law Library of Congress [354]
Library of Congress: American Memory [666]
James Madison Papers
Making of America (MOA) [357]
The Making of Modern Michigan - Digitizing Michigan's Hidden Past [497]
A digitial collection about the history of Michigan
MeL [363]
Internet resources, full-text magazines, newspapers, and electronic books
Meta-Index for U.S. Legal Research [341]
Meta-Index for U.S. Legal Research subjects: law
Michigan Compiled Laws [158]
Native American Constitution and Law Digitization Project [409]
The Oyez Project - U.S. Supreme Court [842]
Political Database of the Americas [929]
Portals to the World [632]
PQDT Open Access Dissertations and Theses [34]
Free access to Dissertations and Thesis on a wide range on subjects
Presidents of the United States [246]
Questia [204]
World's largest online library
Republican National Committee [662]
Researching Iindigenous Peoples Rights under International Law [528]
SAGE Crossroads [331]
SAGECrossroads is a public forum on the ethics, politics, and economics of aging research and longevity science.
This Day in History [453]
Thisnation.com [922]
American Government
Today in History [449]
U.S. Code [127]
U.S. Legislative Information
Vad Yashem Library [1216]
The world's most comprehensive collection of published material about the Holocaust, containing over 117,000 titles in 54 languages

Updated: July 29, 2015