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Microform Collections

The microform collections include items in the following formats: microfiche, 35 mm. microfilm, microprint, and ultrafiche. These materials do not circulate outside the library, but machines are available for in-room reading. Copies may be made for $.10 a page from any but the microprint. Some of the major collections are:

gold bullet ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center)
U.S. Department of Education documents from Resources in Education
gold bullet Evans Collection
Early American imprints between 1639 and 1800
gold bullet Journal Era
Berrien Springs, Michigan newspaper. Holdings: 1879-1975
gold bullet Library of American Civilization
Original documents related to American life and literature from their beginnings to World War I
gold bullet Library of English Literature
Literary works from the earliest ages to the beginning of the twentieth century
gold bullet Michigan Census
gold bullet New York Times
gold bullet PCMI
PhotoChromic MicroImage. Historical material in government, literature, science, and social studies
gold bullet Seminary microforms
Includes religious journals, dissertations, historical sermons, etc.
gold bullet Wall Street Journal

Updated September 23, 2009