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The Andrews University School of Architecture, Art & Design is an NAAB-accredited program located in southwest Michigan. Students can pursue a Master of Architecture professional degree or the Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies. Architecture at Andrews University is taught within the context of a Christian mission. The School is one of only two fully accredited schools of architecture to be found within protestant Christian universities in the country.

The curriculum at the School of Architecture, Art & Design is centered on principles which promote craft, civil communities, service and Christian values. All design studios and core courses are organized to build on each other to provide the student with a rich and coherent learning experience. The design studio lies at the heart of the curriculum and offers a venue for theoretical discussion, constructive critique, and application of skill and knowledge. Students are asked to integrate technical and aesthetic knowledge throughout the curriculum, where hand-drawing serves as a primary medium for the training of architectural thought. Professional review of student work, study tours to precedent-setting places and hands-on application are valued as indispensable parts of architectural education at Andrews University.

Throughout the educational process, students are challenged to base architectural decisions on thoughtful and learned criteria, including the body of knowledge found within vernacular and classical traditions. Ultimately, the School of Architecture, Art & Design seeks to prepare students to serve as conscientious citizens and able professionals.

Photo above: Andrews University students study the architectural patterns of St James Court on a field trip in Louisville (Kentucky).

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