The School of Architecture woodshop is located across the street from the main building in the Art and Design Center, and houses an adequate collection of power tools, including table saws, band saws, and jigsaws; sanders, planers, lathes, various drills, drill-presses, and other equipment. The shop is heavily used by students and is managed by a faculty member as woodshop coordinator, a part-time shop supervisor employed by the School, and by student assistants. These facilities offer students and faculty alike the opportunity to model space and form in a variety of materials. A fee will be assessed for the use of the model shop each semester.

All persons who use the shop must complete the following safety instruction before using the model shop:

  1. View four videos on loan at the reserve desk in the Architecture Resource Center on portable and large wood power tools
  2. Review the interactive CD-ROM  program in the computer lab and take the accompanying safety test
  3. Take and pass the woodshop safety class offered by the woodshop supervisor
  4. Sign a release of liability form at the architecture office, or from woodshop supervisor. A new release of liability form must be signed each year

The woodshop supervisor and other faculty members have the right to stop any activity in the woodshop that is unsafe and require the person in question to review appropriate instruction on how to perform the operation safely before proceeding with their work.

Model Shop Hours
Monday - Thursday 1:30 - 5:30 pm. Evening hours are flexible due to student supervisor's schedules, typically Sunday - Thursday 6:30 - 9:30 pm. See posted schedule.

Students in their First, Second, and Third Years are required to have a supervisor present at all times when working in the woodshop. They may not be in the woodshop outside of regular hours with Fourth and Fifth Year students. Students in Fourth and Fifth Years may work in the model shop after hours by arrangement with the supervisors, but must never work alone. There must always be two people in the shop. The shop is closed for everyone between 1:00 am and 5:00 am. as well as the Sabbath hours on Friday and Saturday.

The woodshop stocks the typical materials needed for wood models, but is not responsible for having all the materials one might need at all times. Please verify with the supervisor your needs in time for acquisition of materials in a timely fashion. The supervisor will decide if the model shop can purchase materials for you or if it is better for you to purchase your own. When purchasing materials from the model shop be sure to keep an accurate account of what you use so that you can be charged accurately. Your woodshop fee does not cover the cost of model materials, but allows the Division to provide machines and tools for your use as well as some incidentals like glue and sandpaper. Using materials without paying prevents the model shop from purchasing new machines and tools.

No tools may be taken from the shop without permission of the supervisor. The tools are for all to use, and when students take tools for their personal use everyone else suffers from the lack of appropriate tools. Be considerate of your fellow students.

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