Analytical Summer Abroad

Following their third year of study within the 5 1/2 year curriculum, all architecture students are required to successfully complete the ARCH330 Analytical Summer Abroad - a European study tour conducted annually by the School of Architecture.   


The purpose of the summer abroad program is to gain a learned understanding of the origins and nature of the western cultural landscape and its architecture within the context of the mission of the School of Architecture at Andrews University. This course suggests that the study of diverse cultures not only brings about awareness and appreciation for foreign ideas, but that it may also increase one's understanding and appreciation of cultural struggles and treasures at home. In specific, the program seeks precedent-setting European cities, towns, and villages which may provide models for shaping places today. Students are challenged to draw knowledge from these places through study, analysis and documentation, as well as through cultural immersion. The program seeks to introduce students to a range of environments, from rural to urban, from mediterranean to scandinavian, and from vernacular to classical. Venues currently include Rome, Pienza and Tuscany, Paris, Bruges and Flanders, as well as Stockholm and central Sweden.

As part of the course's objective, architectural knowledge is primarily gained through the process of analytical drawing and documentation and is reinforced through on-site lectures and critical discussions on history and theory. Integral to this process is the discussion of western landscapes and architecture in the context of God and the good of human beings.

*required for all 5 1/2 year students.



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