Renaissance Kids _ Ages 5-16

Renaissance Kids is a summer architecture program developed and taught by Associate Professor, Mark Moreno for kids ages 6-14.  By a wide assortment of fun, educational hands-on activities, the program promotes ideas that relate to and reflect theoretical and practical architectural lessons of Andrews Universityís School of Architecture.  On the practical side, these ideas include: learning to use the tools and conventions necessary for the architect to convey ideas through drawing and modeling; understanding proportion, scales, texture, hierarchy, rules of perspective etc.  Theoretically, the lessons of Renaissance Kids respect history, and the notion that architecture affects us culturally, physically, socially, and emotionally.

While each exercise is designed to teach and hone skill sets, there are always philosophical bases that stretch the young minds for understanding our own selves as humans, citizens, neighbors and the like.  For instance, the kids may be asked to measure and draw existing built conditions to understand the field work of an architect, but as statistics tell us that a certain percentage of the population depends on accessibility accommodations, the curriculum may insist that this work be done from a wheelchair. Simply, Renaissance Kids respects and hopes to challenge each child to tap his/her creative, intuitive, and inquiring sense of self and place.

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