Special Topics in Waldensian Beliefs

Waldensian Class RELG 360-041

Take a Religion Class and Travel to the ancient home of the Waldenses in the Piedmonts of Northern Italy June 6-14, 2014.  All costs for the trip are covered by registration for this summer course RELG 360-04 (the cost is the same as a 3 credit class on AU campus, plus a $250.00 travel fee).

Persons who wish to take this 3 credit class will need to contact Professor Kathleen Demsky, Director Architecture Resource Center (ph. 2418/ email - demskyk@andrews.edu). 

Students will meet with Professor Demsky for 7 class periods * during spring semester in order to study the history and have a background on this ancient people of faith. This is a summer class and registration takes place at the end of the spring semester.
(*These times will be determined according to student preference/schedules.)

This elective course (RELG360-041) is conducted annually by Kathleen Demsky and includes a 9-day trip which takes place in the month of June. The trip takes students to the Piedmonts in Italy to study the history, faith and culture of the Waldenses. The course compares the simplicity of the Waldensian homes and villages with the display and flamboyancy of other architectural developments of the same period. This, in essence, contrasts the belief of a Christ-centered life versus a life based only on human traditions and doctrines.

The study of the Waldensian history is to give students background in a community of faith.  The purpose for the study of this topic is to bring to the student not only the historical and spiritual perspective, but also a personal experience of faith.  The student will be challenged to assess his or her own spiritual development and courage throughout life. The trip to the Piedmonts follows a series of classes at Andrews University. Among other places, the trip visits an ancient abandoned village that was inhabited at one time by the Waldenses.  This village is located in the Piedmont Alps in Northern Italy, the homeland of the Waldenses.  In addition, the trip visits other sites and museums in order to enhance first-hand knowledge of the area and its people, both past and present.

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