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At the mention of an "art career," many people (particularly concerned parents) conjure up images of the "starving artist," but in reality, there are plenty of job options in the fine arts that actually come with a paycheck and insurance benefits. We train art teachers for the K-12 level and offer the first degree you will need to become a professor of art at the university level. We offer a pre-art therapy program and an excellent program of study for those who wish to earn a living working in the field of graphic and web design. Many pre-med and pre-law students take our BA degree option to broaden the scope of their education, and still graduate in four years.

The bottom line is that it is far better to give yourself an honest chance to do something you love for a living rather than simply settle for what seems to be a "safe" degree or career option, only to spend 40 years wishing you could retire! Check out the following list of rewarding art careers you could jump into with one of our degrees:

  • BFA in Design
    Web Designer
    Graphic Designer
    Senior Creative Manager
    Art Director
    Creative Director
    Production Coordinator
    Production Assistant
    Freelance Artist
    Layout Artist
    Media Director
    Animator / Cartoonist
  • BFA in Pre-Art Therapy
    Art Therapist
  • BFA in Ceramics
    Professional Ceramic Artist / Potter
  • BFA Followed by a Master of Fine Arts
    University Art Professor
  • BA in Art History Followed by MA and PhD
    Art Historian
    Professor of Art History
  • BFA in Painting or Printmaking
    Freelance Illustrator
    Medical Illustrator
    Children’s Book Illustrator
    Story Board Artist
  • BFA in Photography
    Photo Editor
  • BA in Art History
    Gallery Director
    Museum Curator
    Art Appraiser
  • BS in Visual Art Education
    K-12 Art Teacher
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