BFA: Design

The BFA in Design is recommended for those wishing to work in the design professions. There are two emphasis tracks available: Graphic Design and Web Design. The degree program combines the study of art, communication, design and technology as mediums for visual communication and/or personal artistic expression.

Our students join the program because they possess the ability to think, speak, draw, write and design. They graduate as design leaders, having learned to inform, guide, clarify, promote and empower through visual form.

The BFA Thesis Project and Senior Exhibition, as well as internships, bring students face-to-face with the design community. At the same time, students acquire valuable experience in problem solving and the application of design principles, making them cultural catalysts and sought-after design professionals.

Areas of Emphasis

Graphic Design

Graphic design is everywhere—from the posters on your wall to the interactive websites and apps you look at every day, graphic designers use their creative skills to sculpt the visual landscape of this information-driven age.

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Web Design

While we use the web on a frequent basis to learn, buy, sell, and connect, it takes skill to develop sites that are usable and look good. Interested in learning what it takes to becoming someone who designs and codes websites?

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